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The Process

The Process
In January 2006, the Citizen’s Advisory Committee regarding Community Facilities recommended to City Council that the downtown civic core should include City Hall, a library, a community center, a senior center, and a cultural arts center.

In March 2006 City staff included these recommendations in the action plan for the new City Hall and started looking at the big picture — the Downtown Civic Core, not just City Hall.

Thus, the concept of an urban design for downtown Brentwood was born and expanded to include e-Bart, a possible parking structure and use of other opportunity sites.

In April 2006, City staff handpicked a very talented team of experts, which includes designers for City Hall, streetscapes, City park, and other civic facilities.

On June 22, 2006, the City held the first community outreach workshop for Downtown Brentwood 2010 that included a presentation on what makes a great downtown, image viewing and an interactive modeling session of the downtown area.

Shown in the next two panels are the results of that workshop. Residents modeled five variations of their proposed downtown and were asked to choose five or six images that appealed to them the most.

Photos and Videos

June 22 Community Workshop Presentation Video
        Group 1
        Group 2
        Group 3
        Group 4
        Group 5

Existing Downtown Brentwood



Downtown Specific Plan
Building A Better Brentwood
2006 Community Meeting



Community Involvement

February 11, 2008 Council Workshop

November 13, 2007 Council Workshop

July 31, 2007 Community Workshop

August 17, 2006 Community Workshop

We'd like to hear from you. Tell us what you like about the Civic Center Site Plan Options, what concerns you have and what you like to see.  Your comments will be forwarded to the Civic Center Project Team.

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For more information on the workshops or other questions pertaining to Downtown Brentwood 2010, please contact Gail Leech at (925) 516-5118.

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Financing and Phase Plan
Civic Center Financing and Phase Plan
was passed by Council 4-0 at the April 10th Council Meeting.

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