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Minutes of October 26, 2000

A regular meeting of the Park and Recreation Commission of the City of Brentwood was called to order at the hour of 7:05 p.m., in the City Council Chambers located at 734 Third Street, Brentwood, California.

PRESENT: Vice-Chairperson Rarey, and Commissioners Melloni, Shepherd and Berry. 
ABSENT: Chairperson Brown.

Park & Recreation Director Bronzan, Park Services Manager DeSilva, Recreation Services Supervisor Scherff.

1. Introduction of new employees was moved until November meeting


Annette Rains of ECHO read a letter requesting consideration of Sunset Park as a possible site for placement of an equestrian center.

1. Approve minutes of regular meeting of September 28, 2000.
2. Acceptance of staff reports from Park Services Manager/Recreation Services Supervisors.
3. Accept copy of staff memo to Debbie Hill (C. Bronzan).
4. Accept copy of economic impact mailer from ECHO (C. Bronzan)
5. Accept copy of letter from Tenley R. Romero dated October 2, 2000 (C. Bronzan)
6. Accept meeting notice of Contra Costa County Advisory Committee on Open Space Funding (C. Bronzan)
7. Approve staff recommendation to change date of final Park, Trails and Recreation Master Plan update draft review from October 26, 2000, to November 9, 2000.

M/S/C/U (Sheperd/Melloni) to approve consent calendar

8. Update/discussion/recommendation on site development plan for Sunset Park expansion (Howard Sword).

Director Bronzan provided an overview of the current draft of the possible expansion of Sunset Park as the adjacent area develops for light industrial/city services. The commission reviewed the footprint of the park, which may be able to expand to 43 acres. The commission expressed their support for the project and is looking forward to starting final design of the park.
9. Consideration of establishing an equestrian subcommittee (C. Bronzan).
Director Bronzan presented a recommendation to the commission to establish a subcommittee to deal with equestrian issues in conjunction with ECHO.

M/S/C/U (Melloni/Rarey) to establish an equestrian subcommittee with commissioners Melloni and Rarey as members of the subcommittee.

10. Consideration of staff proposal regarding youth sports program (P. Scherff).
Supervisor Scherff gave an overview of her staff report. The recommendation was to move forward with bringing all youth contract programs together under department control through department staff. The purpose was to add consistency and economy of scale to delivery of services for youth programs.

M/S/C/U (Melloni/Berry) to support staff recommendation to bring all youth contract programs under department staff direction.

11. Update/discussion regarding visit to Field of Dreams in Cathedral City (K. DeSilva/ Commissioners).
Commissioners and Park Manager DeSilva discussed their visit to Cathedral City and interest in moving forward with consideration of a Brentwood site. Director Bronzan recommended that Acting Finance Director Pam Ehler come to the next meeting to provide an update on possible funding options. Bronzan also indicated that staff would inventory youth programs in the area that could utilize such a facility.


Director Bronzan gave an update on aquatic center attendance since the Labor Day weekend opening. He also gave an update on the first bicycle advisory subcommittee update meeting that was held on October 26th. The next subcommittee meeting will be held on November 29th, with a public meeting on January 20, 2001, to seek community input on bicycle issues. Director Bronzan also announced a final skate park meeting will be held on November 13th at 7:00 p.m. in the City Council chambers to finalize the plan.

Vice-Chairperson Rarey announced plans to host a social event at her home on December 15th for commissioners and staff. She will work with Director Bronzan on a formal invitation.


There being no further business, the Park & Recreation Commission adjourned at 8:40 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Craig D. Bronzan
Minutes Clerk

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