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July 19, 2001 at 7:00 p.m.
City Council Chambers
734 Third Street
Brentwood, CA 94513

CALL TO ORDER: Meeting was called to order by Chairperson Karen Rarey at 7:04 p.m.

ROLL CALL: Present were Chairperson Rarey, Vice Chairperson Jan Melloni, Commissioner Lanny Brown, and Commissioner Scott Shepherd. Commissioner Jeff Cowling was absent. Others present were Poldina Scherff, Recreation Services Supervisor; Tammy Homan, Administrative Secretary; Craig Bronzan, Director of Parks and Recreation; Ken DeSilva, Park Services Manager; Mac Kaiser, Recreation Services Supervisor; Sue Barry, Recreation Services Supervisor; and Janet Hansen, Park Planner.

Motion by Commissioner Lanny Brown to approve consent calendar. Motion seconded by Commissioner Shepherd and motion carried.

CITIZEN COMMENTS: No citizen comments.


1. Approve minutes of regular meeting of June 28, 2001.
2. Accept staff report from Park Services Manager and Park Landscape Supervisor.
3. Accept staff report from Recreation Services Supervisors.
4. Accept staff report from Park Planner.
5. Accept evaluation results from 2001 Pee Wee Baseball League (P. Scherff).
6. Accept evaluation results from 2001 Summer Basketball Camp (P. Scherff).
7. Accept evaluation results from Session 1 Aquatic Programs (S. Barry)
8. Accept Audit Evaluation from the Brentwood Family Aquatic Complex (S. Barry/R. Shatting).

Items 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 were accepted. Vice Chairperson Melloni had a question regarding Item 2. She directed her question to Mr. DeSilva regarding equipment for the parks that had not arrived yet. He did not have a definite date yet for the arrival of the equipment. Commissioners then proceeded with scheduled matters.


Item No. 9 Discussion of camps provided by the City (S. Barry/P. Scherff/M/Kaiser)
The Commissioners discussed the information in their packets regarding advertising the camps provided by the City. Ms. Scherff reported these are advertised in the Activities Guide put out by the City of Brentwood and in some instances there are advertisements in the local newspaper. Discussion of the Voyagers Adventure Camp that did not receive enough sign ups to make the program feasible. This program will be tried again. Ms. Scherff said they are also considering trying a 2-week program in October when the schools are out and see if that works. Ms. Barry is working on this, and if this is successful, may try another one during Spring Break in March. Chairperson Rarey said she has had some emails from people asking about camps. Director Bronzan suggested when Commissioners get those with questions to list what is offered and see specifically what other things the public is looking for when they call or email. There were no actions needed on Item No. 9.

Item No. 10 Discussion of sign-up list for Park & Recreation Commissioners to sign up for specific parks during the planning process (C. Bronzan)
Director Bronzan said that this is a result of the June meeting when Commissioners wanted to keep involved in park planning to see that what they approve in the conceptual stage is exactly or as close to exactly what is built. He has the list of projects and their progress at this time. Director Bronzan gave a list in the packets of parks still in the design phase, some only in the idea phase, and asked Commissioners which ones they would like to be assigned to at this time. After considerable discussion it was decided that they would be assigned as follows:

· Centex Trailhead - Jeff Cowling and Jan Melloni
· Brentwood Park (Pulte) South Park - Lanny Brown and Scott Shepherd
· Brentwood Hills (Shea Homes) Park - Lanny Brown and Scott Shepherd
· Boulder Ridge (Brookfield Homes) Unit 4 Park - Jeff Cowling
· Boulder Ridge (Brookfield Homes) West Park - Jeff Cowling
· Family Aquatic Complex Neighborhood Park - Karen Rarey and Jan Melloni
· Suncal Neighborhood Park - Lanny Brown and Jan Melloni
· Ponderosa Homes Neighborhood Park - Jan Melloni and Karen Rarey
· Lyon Homes (Yamanaka) Neighborhood Park - Karen Rarey and Lanny Brown
· Empire Ave. Elementary School Neighborhood Park - No assignment (no plans yet)
· Blackhawk (Fairview Avenue) Neighborhood Park - No assignment (no plans yet)
· Pulte Rose Garden Neighborhood Park - No assignment (no plans yet)

During the process of making these assignments Commissioner Cowling arrived at 7:30 p.m. 

There also was discussion of possible funds available through grants for the Centex Trailhead and Mr. DeSilva reported he has met with the California Conservation Corps and they are definitely interested in doing the installation. Ms. Hansen gave a complete rundown on all the parks, their size and locations. She also gave estimated construction times and what is planned to be included in these parks. 

Director Bronzan indicated that for those assigned to the Carlisle Park (Chairperson Rarey and Vice Chairperson Melloni) that there is a meeting they should attend. Ponderosa Homes likes the idea of neighborhood meetings and City Council wants staff there as well as members of the Commission. This is the park designated for a dog park and the neighborhood then will be able to ask questions, not only of the developer, but also of the Commissioners and staff. The meeting is set for Wednesday August 1, at 7:00 p.m. in City Council Chambers. 

At this point Commissioner Cowling had arrived and was informed the assignments given him. He agreed to them after a brief run-down by Chairperson Rarey.

Item No. 11 Discussion of Trails Subcommittee (J. Hansen)
Ms. Hansen followed up on the last meeting where they had discussed the Equestrian and Bicycle Committees merging into a Trails Subcommittee. It has been decided that they will keep and more clearly define the Bicycle Subcommittee like a Bicycle Advisory Group that is necessary for a number of the grant opportunities that are provided for bike ways and also to pursue the Bicycle Friendly Community Status that the Bicycle Subcommittee is interested in at this time. She reported she had gone to a meeting the night previous at Dupont in Oakley. Winston Rhodes of the Planning Department was there and spoke on behalf of Brentwood and Karen Wahl, Grants Writer also attended. East Bay Regional Park District was also in attendance and the City of Oakley had representatives as well. This was where Ms. Wahl commented on the opportunities for grants for trails through Prop 12 & 13 and some other organizations that are in support of trails. Annette Raines of ECHO also was in attendance at the meeting and seemed to be comfortable with multi-use of trails at this point. 

There was a question on the focus of the Bicycle Subcommittee and Ms. Hansen said they will focus mainly on transportation issues of bicycling. There will also be a representative on the Trails Subcommittee from the Bicycle Subcommittee. This person will represent the recreational side of bicycling. Bicycle Subcommittee will work more on bike lanes and the guidelines for becoming a Bicycle Friendly Community and the potential safe routes to school. . 

Director Bronzan clarified that the big picture goals of the Trails Subcommittee is that in this year’s CIP they have allocated $385,000 to spend on trails. He is looking at the Trails Subcommittee to make the recommendation on what trails in town they build. The Bicycle Subcommittee by having a representative would be representing bike interests, but in talking to bike enthusiasts, basically they want striped bike lanes on roads. They see themselves more in an engineering capacity for the roads. 

Ms. Hansen said there will be a bike person who will report back to the bike people, what the Trails Subcommittee is doing, and the Trails Subcommittee reports to the Parks and Recreation Commission for final decision. Recommendation will be made to the Commission from these entities. Vice Chairperson Melloni indicated a desire to serve on this committee as well as Commissioner Cowling. The question was asked who would be the staff person and Director Bronzan said it would be Ms. Hansen. 

Director Bronzan directed them to the CIP Budget showing that they not only have the $385,000 but $1,200,000 to spend on trails over the next five years. This does not include developer funds or grants. It would include paying for bridges and all aspects of the overall Trails Plan. Ms. Hansen said it would also include any matching grants that Karen Wahl would keep them informed of throughout the planning and implementation of the Trails Plan. Chairperson Rarey then said she felt that Commissioner Cowling and Vice Chairperson Melloni should serve on this committee. Ms. Hansen asked if the commissioners had any other groups that should have representation on the subcommittee. Jogging clubs were suggested as a possibility. 

Director Bronzan asked them for the number of people they would like to have on the committee, give him a number and he will help to fill out with representatives. They should be Brentwood residents and would like to move quickly on this committee. The committee can work with City Engineer on costs. It was decided to try for seven initially, and if they need more later can come back and fill out to nine members. Vice Chairperson Melloni mentioned trail access to schools should be represented. Staff will contact the schools and get back to them on who will serve with them from the various groups. 

Director Bronzan reported he has just received the information that Edna Hill is planning on doing some type of formal dedication of the Edna Hill Gymnasium on Friday, August 24, and Commissioners will be getting an invitation to the event. 


Commissioner Cowling asked when the Grupe people are going to come back and talk to the Commission. Director Bronzan said that is scheduled for August regular meeting. He asked Chairperson Rarey if she had any comments. She said no, other than that she didn’t expect anything to come of the meeting that was held with the residents. The Grupe representative remembered one thing and there wasn’t anything could be done. She asked Ms. Hansen if that was pretty accurate and she responded that she felt people left with a good feeling about the park overall. Ms. Hansen said they had a meeting with the Grupe people at the park and Jeremy White presented his recollections of what had happened to the residents there. He discussed what would have to happen to get four swings, and the conversation went on to what other things would be done for the park. He said they will get nails out of street and address other issues the residents had. Items discussed were future rest rooms, marked trail, and drinking fountains as well as a review of the play equipment. Discussion of turning bay of swings, she felt generally the park as a whole does go above and beyond some of the other parks. 

Chairperson Rarey has asked for a grand opening to help with the community and Director Bronzan said that there will be a grand opening and he will ask the Parks and Recreation Commission to be a part of that. He will ask each developer to kick off parks with a grand opening ceremony. 

Comments that Garin Park and Orchard Parks are almost done. Mr. DeSilva said earliest opening for Orchard will be mid-August, but most probably into September. He comments how nice it is to now get these parks to the stage where they are close to opening. Part of Pulte’s north park will be done soon. Grupe Park and Skate Park coming along well, going to have a lot of facilities coming on line very quickly. 

Commissioner Cowling asked about the B.A.N.C. bus tour. Director Bronzan said he had emailed the City Manager and he said it could not be moved to August, so they will run without the Parks and Recreation Commissioners in July. Those who are not going to the conference in Monterey can go on the B.A.N.C. tour and Mr. DeSilva and Ms. Hansen will be their tour guides. 

Vice Chairperson Melloni asked about barbecue. She is willing to have it at her house. Families will be invited. The date of August 18 was decided on with a noon start time. It will be posted as a social engagement and no action will be taken. Vice Chairperson Melloni will e-mail Art Commissioners and invite them also to the event. 

Director Bronzan said they will have at their next meeting the Naming of Parks recommendation from the subcommittee. May have an update on Trails Subcommittee if up and going by then, and the Bicycle Advisory Committee.

Commissioner Brown asked how the Liberty Gym is coming. Director Bronzan said there have been some problems and it looks like January or February. Agreement now being worked out with the Brentwood Union School District now that there will be two gyms. The Parks and Recreation Dept. will not programs at the Edna Hill Gym until the end of September. In renewing agreement they have suggested that at Bristow, Parks and Recreation Department will not plan any events for Thursday nights and the School District will have all of their evening activities planned on Thursdays. Then at Edna Hill, will not program anything for Tuesday, so will have Edna Hill four nights a week. 

Chairperson Rarey asked Mr. DeSilva about the plans for the Park/Creek Clean Up Day. He reported he is working on the liability form, it will be noticed in the Activities Guide for advertisement. He has already contacted the County Coordinator for supplies, such as good litter bags, etc. Chairperson Rarey said Kiwanis has said they may be able to provide lunch. Mr. DeSilva said Tim Taylor would also like to get the Youth Commission involved in the project. Director Bronzan suggested Mr. DeSilva could be invited to be a speaker at Kiwanis and speak about the project. 

Grand opening of the Highway 4 Bypass. Chairperson Rarey wanted to know what is the projected date for this at the present time. Director Bronzan said City Manager said now back to November or December as best case. Director Bronzan said also said they are checking on whether there will be bikes allowed on the Bypass. 

ADJOURNMENT: Chairperson Rarey adjourned the meeting at 8:12 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Betty Jo Whincup
Minutes Recorder

City of Brentwood Park and Recreation Commission
35 Oak Street
Brentwood, CA 94513
(925) 516-5444
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