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March 28, 2002 at 7:00 PM
City Council Chambers
734 Third Street
Brentwood, CA 94513

CALL TO ORDER: Meeting was called to order by Chairperson Jan Melloni at 7:19 p.m., following the CIP workshop.

ROLL CALL: Chairperson Jan Melloni, Vice Chairperson Jeff Cowling, Commissioners Lanny Brown, Ernie Rodrigues and Karen Rarey all present.  Others present were Craig Bronzan Director of Parks and Recreation Department, Janet Hansen, Park Planner and Ken DeSilva, Park Services Manager.


AGENDA REVIEW: No changes or additions.


Commissioner Rarey requested to pull Item 1, and Commissioner Cowling requested that Items 8 and 10 be pulled.

Item No. 2 Accept staff report from Parks Division (K. DeSilva/B. Margesson/J.Hansen)
Item No. 3 Accept staff report from Recreation Supervisors (S. Barry/P. Scherff/M. Kaiser)
Item No. 4 Trail Closure at Sand Creek Road update (C. Bronzan)
Item No. 5 Accept Guidelines Newsletter - Spring 2002 (C. Bronzan)
Item No. 6 Accept Grupe/Walnut Park Grand Opening Date (J. Hansen)
Item No. 7 Accept revised concept plan for Balfour Road Park (J. Hansen)
Item No. 9 Update of Meeting Rules and Procedures (C. Bronzan)
Item No. 11 Accept “resiliency in action” news to use information (C. Bronzan)
Commissioner Brown moved to accept Items 2 through 7 and Items 9 and 11. Commissioner Rarey seconded the motion, motion carried.

Item No. 1 Approval of February 28, 2002 Minutes.
Commissioner Rarey stated that the minutes reflect she did not attend the Bike Subcommittee, but that the Mayor did not “fill her in” on the Bike Subcommittee. She said that she was in a meeting with the Mayor that day, and that “Mike” from the Subcommittee came by and informed her of the subcommittee meeting. That was her only change to the minutes of the February 28, 2002 meeting. Commissioner Rarey moved to accept Item No. 1 with this correction, Commissioner Cowling seconded the motion, motion carried. 

Item No. 8 Accept “Spring to Life” Fun Run flyer. (M. Kaiser)
Commissioner Cowling asked Mac Kaiser, Recreation Supervisor why the course was changed this year. Mr. Kaiser explained the changes were due to construction and explained the new route, which he showed to the Commissioners. New maps were passed out to the Commissioners. The run will take place on April 27 starting at the City Park. Dogs will be allowed on leash. Next year he hopes to coordinate the run with the Safety Fair. Commissioner Cowling moved to accept the “Spring to Life” Fun Run flyer, seconded by Commissioner Brown, motion carried.

Item No. 10 Approve Letter of Support for competitive grant process in distribution of Prop. 40 bond act funds (C. Bronzan).
Commissioner Cowling requested information and clarification on how the events are going to take place with the grant money. Director Bronzan said that the purpose of the letter, which he will describe fully in Item #15, was an outgrowth of a meeting he had attended last week along with, Ms. Hansen, Park Planner and Ms. Karen Wahl, Grants Administrator. The meeting attended was the Bay Area Open Space Council, of which the City of Brentwood is now a member. This is a consortium of members who are interested in preserving open space and agricultural around the Bay Area. This came up as a result of the passing of Proposition 40. Director Bronzan further explained the Letter of Intent and difference between competitive and per capita grants. There will have to be shown a need for the money on a competitive basis. A discussion was held regarding grant writing to acquire funds. Also mention was the fact that Brentwood has an excellent grant writer in the person of Karen Wahl. The Bay Area Open Space Council will be working to see that Proposition 40 funds are allocated in a fair manner. A discussion was held regarding funds available at this time in Brentwood from Proposition 40. Ms. Hansen then explained some of the grants which she and Ms. Wahl are currently working on. Commissioner Cowling moved to support the Letter of Intent for supporting the competitive grant process in distribution of Proposition 40 bond funds, Commissioner Brown seconded the motion, motion carried.

Item No. 12. Discussion/recommendation on concept design of Deer Ridge Park (Sun-Cal Development/J. Hansen).
Ms. Janet Hansen, Park Planner introduced John Nicol, of Nicol & Associates, Landscape Architects who will present the concept design for the Deer Ridge Park. The preliminary design has already been presented to Commissioners Melloni and Brown who are the primary commissioners assigned to this park project. The full concept is now prepared and was presented by Mr. Nicol. He gave a full description of the layout of the park location and Nicol & Associates design plans for the area. The Commissioners commented on the concept, Commissioner Rarey suggested a gate or entry for the office park to utilize fitness trail and picnic benches. Some discussion of this feasibility between Mr. Nicol and Commissioner Rarey and others. Since office park is not scheduled to come into completion for 4 or 5 years, Ms. Hansen suggested that the gate or entry to park be a condition for the office park. He then mentioned the options of pony/mustang or bronco/colt ball fields. Also batting cages were in the concept plan. Locations for each type of facility along with parking, picnic tables and children’s play areas all discussed. Restroom locations and fountains were discussed along with location of pet stations and water availability for pets as well as people. Commissioners objected to an area for a batting machine and cage located close to homes due to the noise. A suggestion was made by the Commissioners to move these items closer to school and away from residences. Also, a suggestion was made to flip soccer fields or design in a different direction than shown on plan. A discussion was continued on the need for batting cages. Director Bronzan suggested that park staff discuss batting cages with PONY Baseball as to their need in the park. Commissioner Cowling felt the concept was very good. All the commissioners thanked Mr. Nicol for the presentation. Commissioner Brown moved the approval of the park plan, keeping in mind the commissioners’ suggestions as to an office park entrance, batting cages and hard courts. Commissioner Cowling seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Item No. 13. Verbal update on Tree Planting (K. DeSilva).
Mr. DeSilva, Park Services Manager presented updated information to the commission. He has received calls from groups wishing to participate. Tree seedlings will be on their way by April 15; there will be 500 seedlings. A discussion was held regarding options for replacement seedlings for the oak seedlings. Mr. DeSilva stated that the high school will be advertising to their students the need for assistance in the planting. The planting will be at 9:00 AM, and will coincide with the Fun Run, Commissioners are invited to assist in the planting.

Ms. Hansen said they will be receiving 100 Big Leaf Maples, 100 California Sycamores, 100 Coast Live Oaks, and 100 Coast Redwoods, and the additional 100 available are Maples, Coast Redwoods, or Western Redbuds.

Item No. 14. Verbal update on regional youth center project (J. Cowling/C. Bronzan).
Director Bronzan said there was a recent meeting on the youth project, and Commissioner Cowling reported that this is the first meeting he has attended where there is some strong momentum building. Next meeting scheduled for May 2, at 5:00 PM and is to create a subcommittee of City Parks and Recreation staff to discuss the construction cost estimate, and create a memorandum of understanding to bring to the next City Council meeting. Representatives are from Antioch, Oakley and Discovery Bay, and there is a sense of strong commitment to the project. Director Bronzan commented that Senator Torlakson is involved in the planned project and there are $260,000,000 in the Prop. 40 funds for youth programs in heavily urbanized areas. If this area got only 3% that would be $7,000,000. The Memorandum of Understanding would then be between the cities of Oakley, Brentwood, Antioch, and the unincorporated areas to build a youth center. Director Bronzan feels this is a very positive feature to have all the cities working together. He said the Mayor is looking at some property near the Lone Tree area that could be utilized. A discussion was held regarding the area with the commissioners. They will report back on future activities as the project progresses.

Item No. 15. Update on open space conservation/Bay Area Open Space Council meetings (C. Bronzan/J. Hansen).
Director Bronzan reported that last month he attended a meeting in Pleasanton on Building East Bay Capacity for Agriculture and Open Space Conservation. He attended the meeting with Karen Wahl, Grants Administrator, Janet Hansen, Park Planner and Mitch Oshinsky, Community Development Director; a copy of the agenda was distributed to the commission. As a result of this meeting he discovered that there are a number of agencies working together in the Bay Area for grants and do not “go against” each other, but work in collaboration. He discussed the meeting and the goals the group has to preserve open space. Following up on this meeting he found Brentwood could join the Bay Area Open Space Council, at the cost of $500. When approved by the City Manager, the City joined and attended the first meeting at the Presidio, San Francisco. Brentwood has been very favorably mentioned by the group for their efforts in open space planning, agricultural preservation and creek revegatation. One of the three who attended the meeting in San Francisco will attend all future meetings. 


Commissioner Rarey expressed her various concerns about the Grupe Park. She said it is being used as a dog park and patrons are not using pet station bags. Mr. DeSilva said he has been following up on her concerns, and will continue his follow-up. Director Bronzan said they will notify the Police Department since there is a leash law. Commissioner Rarey stated the problems generally start after work around 5:00 to 6:00 PM.

Commissioner Rodrigues apologized for not getting to the workshop but reported that he was in the hospital all day. He will have two valves removed and prognosis for heart muscle recovery is not too good, but he will go ahead with the surgery. He asked for prayers from all, he will have to rest at home and in the hospital for about two months. Surgery will be about the second week in May. He enjoyed the tour of the park and learned a lot about the City of Brentwood’s parks system. He discussed the Livermore Skate Park problem. 

Janet Hansen, Park Planner commented on the Pulte Rose Garden. The duets have been eliminated, and changes and other projects are still not completed. It is not certain when it will go to the Planning Commission, will probably go as a workshop in April. She told the commissioners to feel free to redline or outline anything they have questions on regarding this project.

Commissioner Rarey again reminded everyone of the Highway 4 Bypass opening ceremony and Safety Fair which will take place on April 13, opening ceremonies are from 10:00 to 10:30 AM, and Mayor McPoland and Mayor Freitas will join the “Porta Potty Race”. Many other events and counterparts contestants between cities for the race are being planned. Civil War cannon will be fired and Senator Torlakson will cut the ribbon for the continuing of the race.


ADJOURNMENT: Chairperson Melloni adjourned the meeting at 8:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Betty Jo Whincup
Minutes Recorder

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35 Oak Street
Brentwood, CA 94513
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