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January 23, 2003 at 7:00 p.m.
City Council Chambers
734 Third Street
Brentwood, Ca 94513

CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Melloni at 7:02 p.m.

ROLL CALL: Present were Commissioners Lanny Brown, Jeff Cowling, Jan Melloni and Ernie Rodrigues. Others present included Craig Bronzan, Director of Parks and Recreation; Ken DeSilva, Parks Services Manager; Janet Hansen, Park Planner; and Tammy Homan, Administrative Secretary. 

The Pledge of Allegiance was lead by Chairperson Jan Melloni.

Director Bronzan said that staff requested that Item #11 be pulled from the Scheduled Matters. This was a discussion of possible uses at new underground water tank (P. Eldredge/J. Hansen). Mr. Eldredge of Engineering could not make the meeting tonight and requested to be able to come to the February meeting.

Randy Christ of 550 Creek Road, Brentwood requested to discuss an issue with the Commission. He explained that Summerset is very close to their farm and they have recently been annexed into the City of Brentwood. He expressed concern about the trail and bridge and connecting trail near the property he owns. He displayed a map of the area and said he and his neighbor are the only residents on this road. He is very concerned about how this connection will affect him and his orchard, machinery and other equipment they own there. Since the construction has started on this, he and his neighbor have already had some problems with people coming into the area. He explained some the activities that he is concerned about and has previously talked to some of the staff and was advised to talk to the Commission so that there is a record of his concerns. He said they have had about six different incidents since the first of the year. Kids come through the fences, throw rocks and other activities. He is concerned about how the trail is going to continue down Creek Road. He expressed not only concern for his property but that someone will get badly injured or killed because of the hazards presented at this time. He asked that the Parks and Recreation Commission not open the trail until safe access can be assured, and area properly fenced. He mentioned he has talked to Sam Peiris in Engineering to try and work out a plan for safe access. Chairperson Melloni asked a couple of questions regarding the berms. Mr. Christ said they are on either side of the canal, and also where Mr. Wolf’s property is located. Commissioner Rodrigues asked for comments from the staff regarding their position with this matter. Director Bronzan said he believes the concerns are very legitimate, this plan was conditioned before there was a Parks and Recreation Commission and had all been handled by the Planning Commission. His recommendation was that Mr. Christ sit down with Janet Hansen and the Planning staff and see what the opportunities are and then agendize the matter for the next Commission meeting. At this time all the facts could be brought forth, and there be some recommendations back to the Planning Commission at that time. At one time, Director Bronzan said it was thought that Mr. Wolf’s property would be developed and would have a continuous property and trail going from the bridge all the way down to Concord Avenue. Staff will go over all options and bring them back to the February meeting. Janet Hansen, Park Planner said that she has been talking to Abey/Arnold and they have been hired by Pulte Homes to do the landscaping of that trail area and they will have plans by next week of the proposed trail and layout of the area. She felt there are a number of options open to the Commission. Mr. Christ also said they have 1000 feet of area that is very nice with trees, animals and the creek and he is concerned about that nice little area that they have created that it does not turn into a place for loitering for kids. 

Dave Radke was introduced by Director Bronzan as a person who has been operating the Christmas tree sales behind Golden Hills Church for the past twelve years. He is now looking for other opportunities for a site for the sale of the trees in the future since Golden Hills Church will no longer have the facility available and can only donate about a week a year to assist in the sale of the trees. This would be an opportunity for non-profits or volunteer groups to co-op and raise money. Mr. Radke is from Albany, Oregon and has been in the tree business for about 18 years. His is a family business and they bring trees into various areas and have been working with churches and private schools, etc. He said they do about 12,000 very nice trees, and has had the Golden Hills account for about twelve years and has watched the church grow over the years. He said that last year the church determined that the youth group and the pastors of the church no longer want to continue doing this project for the full season. He said they have been selling about 2200 trees a year. He is looking for a place to hold the sale on a permanent basis for about 6 weeks a year. He said the profit on a lot of about 2,000 trees would be about $40,000-50,000 dollars. He envisions about four non-profits and each non-profit would take a week and Mr. Radke would manage the operation and split equally with the non-profits. He suggested caroling, hot cider and food booths, etc. Golden Hills Church would continue to staff for a week of this period. He has all the equipment the tent, flocking materials etc. He is looking at the Aquatic Center since the usage of the parking lot is very low at that time and the black top would make a great display area. Discussion of the plan and demands of the Aquatic Complex at that time of the year with Director Bronzan and the Commissioners. Commissioners thought this a good idea and will start working with some groups and meet again with Mr. Radke at a later time. 

1. Approve minutes of regular meeting of November 21, 2002.
2. Accept staff report/project status reports from Parks Division (K. DeSilva/K.Byrd/J. Hansen).
3. Accept staff report from Recreation Services Supervisors (S. Barry/P. Scherff/M. Kaiser).
4. Accept project status report from Facilities Division (M. Merizon).
5. Accept update on 2003 conferences (C. Bronzan).
6. Accept “California Leaders Opinions of Parks and Recreation” to be distributed at the meeting (C. Bronzan).
7. Accept “A Park and Recreation Professionals Glossary” - to be distributed at the meeting (C. Bronzan).
8. Accept update on discussions with users of the Skate Park regarding request for lighting at the park (C. Bronzan).
9. Accept update on revision of the Brentwood Municipal Code related to Parks and Recreation (T. Homan).

Vice Chairperson Jeff Cowling asked to pull the minutes (Item #1) and asked for some clarification on the staff reports. He said he does not see a lot of consistency between the current status and the 30-day plan. Commissioner Rodrigues moved to approve Items 2-9, Vice Chairperson Cowling seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously. Vice Chairperson Cowling then made the following corrections on the minutes as presented from the November 21, 2002 meeting: On Item 6, at the bottom of the first paragraph “The proposal he presented was extending the Marsh Creek Trail to Round Valley and making a connection to the John Marsh home site and connections to the Marsh Reservoir and then to Los Vaqueros”. This is pre-existing and did not want that to convey that we are going to make a connection to Los Vaqueros, just that it is to be continued to Los Vaqueros. 

Second paragraph same page, “could be utilized by bike, car, horses”, should strike car. 

On page two the fourth line “Vice Chairman Cowling asked” that should read “Commissioner Brown” asked about utilizing the undercrossing (not the underpass) at the existing bridge crossing at Marsh Creek Road and Mr. Fiala said that this is not feasible”, and further on last line need a structural/geotechnical, not traffic engineer”. With these corrections Vice Chairperson Cowling moved to approve the minutes as corrected, Commissioner Brown seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously.

Item 2. Accept staff report/project status reports from Parks Division (K. DeSilva/K. Byrd/J. Hansen)
Chairperson Melloni asked Vice Chairperson Cowling if he had wanted to pull this item also. He replied that he needed some clarification. Director Bronzan said that he meets with staff members Ken DeSilva, Janet Hansen and Mike Merizon once a month and go through a lot of renditions so that he can be sure where the projects are and have come up with this as the current status report at the meeting as of that date where are we on this project. These reports are then to show where they are at that time and second column is to show what is expected to happen in the next 30 days. Sometimes they are done quite rapidly, just prior to the meeting, and sometimes a 30 day plan that didn’t quite get corrected. Director Bronzan said they will try to do a better job in the narrative in the future. He said they will also work to make the projects status reports more “user friendly”. 

At this point in the meeting, Director Bronzan introduced Deanna Fugazzi, who was in attendance at the meeting. Ms. Fugazzi is the Park Planning Technician, and has been on board since November 1, and she is Ms. Hansen and Mr. DeSilva’s right hand person. Her job is to make sure that Ms. Hansen and Mr. DeSilva are organized and that all plans that come into the office are logged in by Ms. Fugazzi. She then tracks where they are at any given time, and that conditions of approval are being written at the appropriate time. She was then welcomed by the Commissioners. 


Item No. 10 Discussion of possible park use/type of facilities adjacent to Heritage High School Site (Dave Collishaw/C. Bronzan)
Director Bronzan introduced the representatives from Global Sports & Entertainment, Dave J. Collishaw and Rodney B. Johnson. He said that this company had made a presentation to the Sunset Park Subcommittee on the design previously. The idea of bringing the presentation at this time was to brainstorm ideas for uses for a vacant area near where Heritage High School will be located. This will be an area where there are no homes planned. This company has developed and owns sports complexes in many different areas of the United States. Director Bronzan depicted the area being discussed on a map and then the two gentlemen gave a PowerPoint presentation of the existing projects they have developed and their various ideas of how this land could be developed to the benefit of the city. This development would also depend on expansion of the Urban Limit Line. Both of the presenters have been in the development of land for 20 years and many of the projects have been sports projects. Mr. Collishaw’s family owns Twin Creeks Sports Complex at Sunnyvale. During the presentation they quoted figures both costwise and also what types of revenue could be expected to be generated by the complexes. They are currently working on a design for a NFL. The presentation was for a whole family and community complex which could include not only the sports complexes, but restaurants and stadium type of entertainment. Fundraisers can also be held in the complexes, controlled entrances were advised. The presentation was aimed at showing the Commissioners all of the possibilities for the property and to give them a vision for the planning. At the end of the presentation types of artificial grass were discussed. Samples of the grass were passed around for the Commissioners to view. 

Item No. 11 Continued until next month as per comments under Agenda Review.

Item No. 12 Discussion of 2003 CPRS Conference (C. Bronzan/T. Homan)
Ms. Homan said that at this point she has had responses from all the Commissioners with the exception of Chairperson Melloni regarding the CPRS conference and now she needs information to confirm reservations. Chairperson Melloni said she will only be going on Saturday, and will be going for the whole day. She will not require room reservations. Commissioners Rodrigues and Cowling will be going on Thursday and remaining through Saturday. Carpooling was discussed with Commissioners and staff. Ms. Homan said mileage will be reimbursed if carpooling does not work out. All Commissioners will confirm with Ms. Homan on any changes to the final arrangements. 

The Brentwood Parks and Recreation Department will be receiving two Awards of Excellence at the Saturday Banquet. 

Item No. 13 Update on water audit by Green Leaf Mapping (K. DeSilva).
Mr. DeSilva gave an update on where this program is at present. A printed report was in each Commissioner’s packet with some of the findings since the program began. One of the things that were found is that many of the sprinklers were obstructed by tall grass primarily. So this is being rectified, mainly with pop-up sprinklers. All parks are completed that were assigned and are starting to work on the landscaping districts. Examples were shown by a graph in the PowerPoint presentation of work that was done. Mr. DeSilva discussed problems that have been encountered and how they are working to solve them. Chairperson Melloni questioned how the contract with MCE works and how compensation is determined. This was explained by Mr. DeSilva and Director Bronzan, in some cases bonuses were paid and in some cases entitlement could not be determined. Mr. DeSilva said the inspection process reviews the quality of work is present at each location. Chairperson Melloni had concerns regarding pocket parks near where she lives where grass is dying and bushes, as well as grass are not being watered. Some sprinklers do not go on and Mr. DeSilva and she determined that possibly sprinklers were either not positioned properly to begin with or pipes were not properly installed. Mr. DeSilva will bring back an updated report in the February meeting. Vice Chairperson Cowling had some comments also regarding the program. All faulty irrigation systems should be repaired so that MCE should be more consistent in their contract requirements. 

Item No. 14 Update on Miwok Park Dedication (K. DeSilva/D. Fugazzi).
Mr. DeSilza and Ms. Fugazzi are working on planning two new park dedications for both Miwok and Brookfield parks (Balfour, Guthrie Park). They have some tentative plans for the dedication and would now like input from the Commission as to dates and types of events for the dedication ceremonies. Ms. Fugazzi wondered if at the Miwok Park some Indian heritage type of event would be something the Commissioners would like to see. Suggestions were a craft booth, face painting and contracting the Native American Indian Association at Concord and getting culture and history background of the Miwok Indians. Chairperson Melloni suggested a person she is working with at the Liberty High School. She will get this information and get it to Ms. Fugazzi. Discussion of the two parks, dates and types of events were discussed. The Commissioners would like food carts or booths. Commissioners decided it would be better to have the dedications on two different dates. Ms. Fugazzi thought for the Miwok dedication possibly some type of Indian flutes or musical entertainment, along with the face painting and jump houses. Vice Chairperson Cowling also suggested 3 legged races. He will also check on the catering carts since his neighbor has these carts. All felt live entertainment would be preferred. Ms. Fugazzi will check into the Indian theme. Most felt a date later in the spring would be better to avoid cold or rainy weather. Tentative dates were set for Saturdays May 3, 2003 and May 17, 2003. Mr. DeSilva will check with the neighbors and set a date for each and let them choose which date works the best for each park. Director Bronzan suggested that for the Brookfield opening to check and see when the first day of the baseball season starts, check with Liberty for first day of Pony Baseball play and have their dedication focused around that first day of play. Mr. DeSilva will check this out and report back to the Commissioners. 

Item No. 15 Brainstorm/review of 2003/2008 park and landscape CIP projects (C. Bronzan).
Director Bronzan said that they are starting to develop the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) budgets and he wants to develop ideas for projects and not be concerned about whether it is funded or not, it will then be figured out at a later date; the when and how to develop the projects. A list of these projects was handed out to each Commissioner. The projects were explained he requested them to look at these and let him or staff know in the next week or two of any others that need to be added. Commissioner Rodrigues had a question that he had been asked by the Summerset Association meeting regarding the Blackhawk Park. Director Bronzan said this is on the list and currently no progress until year four. Since this is rather a remote area, Director Bronzan said it might be well to consider it for something such as a rose garden or other type of thing, and may be one where if the residents in those communities want to help to get the project going by either volunteering labor, etc., that would help to move the project forward. Also, Fairview will be developed as a four lane road there in the future this would also impact the building of and access to the park. Director Bronzan also suggested to Commission Rodrigues that if the Board really does want to get to work on this project, they could form a subcommittee and go out and meet with the residents to seek out ideas and ways to move it up on the priority list. Commissioner Rodrigues will bring that to the Association’s attention. Commissioner Brown asked about the Liberty High School all weather track, Director Bronzan said this will be done in 2004 and by 2005 all three high schools will have all sports turf for football/soccer and an all weather track. 

Director Bronzan said Finance Director Pam Ehler will be coming for budget workshop from 6 to 7 p.m. on March 27, 2003, prior to the regular meeting.

Item No. 16 Review of Commissioners assignments to park projects (J. Hansen)
All park assignments were reviewed by Ms. Hansen and reassigned as follows, with the inclusion of the new member where there were openings.

• Centex Trailhead -- J. Cowling/J. Melloni
• Brentwood Hills (Shea) -- L. Brown/E. Rodrigues
• Boulder Ridge(Unit 4) -- J. Cowling - complete
• Boulder Ridge (West Park) --  J. Cowling - complete
• Family Aquatic Complex Park -- J. Melloni/J. Cowling
• Oak Meadow Park -- L. Brown/J. Melloni
• Ponderosa Homes Neighborhood Park -- J. Melloni/J. Cowling (dog park)(on hold)
• Heron Park -- L. Brown/E. Rodrigues
• Empire Ave. Park -- TBD
• Blackhawk (Fairview Ave.) -- E. Rodrigues/new commissioner
• Pulte Rose Garden Neighborhood Parks -- J. Cowling/new commissioner
• Sunset Sports Complex -- J. Melloni/L. Brown
• Centex Montelena Park -- J. Melloni/E. Rodrigues
• City Park Redesign -- L. Brown/J. Cowling
• Mission Peak Amber Park -- J. Cowling/E. Rodrigues

Ms. Hansen went through the progress on each of these parks and Commissioners were reassigned. Sunset Park is 90% completion documents so she would like Commissioners Melloni and Brown to come in soon and discuss playground equipment, etc. City Park redesign on hold however the playground area will be moved forward since they have secured a grant for this of $125,000. There are also Prop. 12 per capita funds allocated to this project. Abey Arnold is currently working on playground redesign concept. She will need Commissioners assigned this also. Commissioner Cowling volunteered for this assignment and will work with Commissioner Brown on the project. Playground will be moved across the park. Discussion of this because of possible conflicts with other events. Ms. Hansen said that it would not conflict with Cornfest and will have to plan around the other events. Ms. Hansen then touched on two other projects, one the Creek Habitat Restoration Project which they have received grants for (Griffith), and if Commissioners wish to express interest in this they should let her know. She is working with NHI on this project in response to question by Vice Chairperson Cowling. Currently seller is unwilling so grant funds cannot be utilized. Karen Wahl is working on this for steps to take in this matter. Director Bronzan is negotiating on this also at this time. The other one is the Sand Creek Park, Peter Arnold from Abey Arnold has previously given a layout for the potential for use of the park. This will go to the City Council next month and could then require some Commission input at that time. Could decide who would work on this now or at a later date. Commissioner Rodrigues would like to work on Sand Creek project and Chairperson Melloni said she would be interested in the Griffith property project. Commissioner Brown also volunteered for the Sand Creek Park. Ms. Hansen will revise the list and said Commissioners can expect to hear from her.

Item No. 17 Announcement of department recognition for CPRS state awards.
Director Bronzan announced that the Skate Park has been awarded the Award of Excellence by the CPRS, for facility design. This is the same award received two years ago for the pool. They also received an Award of Excellence in the Agency Showcase for a single brochure for the Fall/Winter Activity Guide, since who is in charge of the Guide is rotated among the staff, this brochure was Poldina Scherff’s and she is very proud of the award. These will be awarded Saturday night at the banquet. The City Manager and Director Bronzan are a part of a panel on the Leaders and Employees of Tomorrow. . Commissioner Rodrigues commented on the fact that Director Bronzan will be speaking at a State Conference for the Special Districts.

Item No. 18 Election of Vice-Chairperson for Parks and Recreation Commission (C. Bronzan).
Chairperson Melloni announced the election of the Vice Chairperson and promotion to Chairperson of the current Vice Chairperson. Vice Chairperson Cowling nominated Commissioner Rodrigues for Vice Chairperson. Commissioner Brown seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously. 

At this point the current Chairperson Melloni handed the gavel to Vice Chairperson Cowling who then assumed the position of Chairperson.


Director Bronzan commented on the fact that the City Council has a policy that when any person completes their term, they are recognized by the City Council, therefore there will be a recognition plaque for Karen Rarey at the next Tuesday City Council meeting. All are invited to attend. She will be recognized for finishing her term and also for being Chairperson of the Commission in 2001. Director Bronzan also reported that the Mayor directed that Commissioner Melloni be re-appointed. There were two applicants for Ms. Rarey’s position and the Mayor requested Director Bronzan and Vice Mayor Beckstrand to interview them and make recommendations. Tom Jones has been recommended to the Mayor for the Commission. The applicant has moved to Brentwood four months ago, he has a marketing background and does work from his home and has a love for sports. Discussion of whether he will go to the conference if approved. The recommendation for the other applicant is to serve on the BANC. Both applicants were impressed with the Day in the Park. 

He also reported that the City is negotiating with the PAL Board to consider moving the PAL into the Parks and Recreation Department. The City is putting $50,000 in the PAL program and so for $100,000 they can take that employee and use them as a Recreation Supervisor, they will be dedicated to PAL but can overflow into any other area. The $100,000 would pay the salary, equip the office and do all those things. The agreement with the PAL Board is that the PAL Board has to apply for grants. They have to develop the programs and have to monitor the grants. It would be a contract basis for the PAL Board to decide the programs, get the funding to run the programs and run the programs, and then pay the Parks and Recreation Department back. There is also a commitment from the Police Chief to get officers into the programs. It will be a part of their assignment of the police officers. 

Commissioner Brown asked about the Village Drive Resource Center. Director Bronzan said it is going well and Olivia is looking at another $50,000 Foundation Grant to continue to provide staff. The City is still looking at the idea of elevating what Olivia does at the Village Drive Resource Center to develop a community-wide advocate for programs. The Board of Directors for Village Drive is finishing their 501C3 papers. They had a grant with John Muir and are doing Board Development training. Director Bronzan has met with Board members regarding their action plan. The Board is trying to solidify plans to expand to make it a bigger community center. The plan is by 2007 to open a brand new Village Drive Center. 

Commissioner Melloni commented on the formation of a three person committee at the Arts Commission to have input on parks from the artistic view. They will be meeting February 7 and would like to work with the Parks & Recreation Commission on the Park Design Committee. Chairperson Cowling said that should come back to the next meeting as a part of the Agenda. Discussion of the future park art design projects if the enabling 1% ordinance goes into effect, all future parks will come under this ordinance.

Commissioner Rodrigues complimented Commissioner Melloni for a good year as chairperson, and that he would like to see a workshop soon. Also, he would like to see the new Mayor come to a meeting. Director Bronzan will invite him to the next meeting. He then thanked Chairperson Cowling for nominating him for Vice Chairperson and he will work closely with him. 

Visit from the Mayor
Update on Park Dedications
Update on Art Commission Subcommittee/park design
Underground water tank
Update on Green Leaf Mapping Project

ADJOURNMENT: Chairperson Cowling adjourned the meeting at 9:59 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Betty Jo Whincup
Minutes Recorder

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