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March 25, 2004 at 7:00 p.m.
City Council Chambers
734 Third Street
Brentwood, CA 94513

CALL TO ORDER: Meeting was called to order by Chairperson Lanny Brown at 7:10 p.m. following the workshop.

ROLL CALL: Commissioners present were Sandra Myers, Jan Melloni, Lanny Brown, Ernie Rodrigues, and Tom Jones. Staff present were Janet Hansen, Park Planner; Tammy Homan, Administrative Secretary; Ken DeSilva, Park Services Manager; Poldina Scherff, Recreation Services Manager; Mac Kaiser, Recreation Services Supervisor; and Laura Andrade, Recreation Services Supervisor. 


Staff Presentation on the CPRS Conference in Anaheim.
Laura Andrade, Recreation Services Coordinator reported on the meetings she attended at the conference. She reported that she participated in a program tour of different sites and viewed the interaction of the students with the staff at these schools. She reported on the history of the program which combines the teachers, administrative personnel, parents, students and service organizations. She said this group focused on four different areas: academics and enrichment, safety, health and fitness, and community. These were all addressed in an after school program. She described what the group has done in the city and gave their mission statement. They are currently serving 3,000 children, in conjunction with the local YMCA. She felt it a very worthwhile program. The program is very structured and similar to the PAL, with the exception that they are able to use the school sites. Commissioners asked some questions about the program and thanked Ms. Andrade for her report. She had also reported on other programs she attended.

Mac Kaiser, Recreation Services Supervisor, reported on the events he attended and one in particular, the “2003 Best of the Best” workshop. He also passed around materials which he picked up this and other events. He discussed these various materials with the Commissioners and the possibility of Brentwood using the ideas for some of their programs. Mr. Kaiser thanked the Commissioners on behalf of Ms. Andrade and himself for the opportunity and said he is looking forward to going to the meeting in Sacramento in 2005. 

AGENDA REVIEW: No changes or additions.

Mr. Randy Christ commented on the Creek Trail adjacent to his home. He is concerned about the large oak tree there, which is approximately 200 to 300 years old. He said it really needs some attention from a tree surgeon. He requested that someone do something with it so that it does not fall or die. He also is concerned about bikers using the trail which is not open yet and breaking down the fence and skate boarding and roller blading on the top rail of the bridge. The rail is only 12 inches wide and drop off from it is at least 20 feet. He is concerned about safety issues there. The tree is in the landscaped area that is the City’s or developer’s responsibility. Mr. DeSilva, Park Manager will look into this matter and thanked Mr. Christ for notifying them. 

Mr. Richard Locke and James Ocampo of Brentwood appeared to ask about finding a facility where they could fly their model airplanes. They are members of a flying club about 23 miles away near Livermore, and would like to establish one closer, in or near Brentwood. He passed around a letter he had prepared for the Commission. Mr. Locke spoke on behalf of both and said the requirements would be a flat field away from residential areas. He supplied photos of a typical field near Vasco Road. He also included a manual from Model Aeronautics and said insurance would be offered for accident liability. He described a typical field and the type of activities it would entail. Commissioner Jones asked some questions regarding the size of parcel required and if they put on shows for the public. Mr. DeSilva, Park Services Manager said he had looked at some sites. Commissioner Rodrigues asked about the restrictions for this type of facility. Commissioner Jones asked about the property near Sellers that might be available, and also suggested talking to the County or City and find out the owners of the property. Chairperson Brown suggested some property owned by East Bay Municipal Utilities District east of town that might be suitable. Since it has storage tanks underground, might be good for this type of usage. The property is outside of town east of Sellers. Chairperson Brown suggested they contact them and Ms. Janet Hansen said she will get them a contact name and phone number for Mr. Locke and Ocampo. Mr. DeSilva suggested calling a Mike Young of EBMUD. Commissioner Jones suggested that group keep in touch with the Commission as did Chairperson Brown and may be able to assist them in some way.

1. Approve minutes of regular meeting of February 26, 2004.
2. Accept Staff report from Parks Division. (B. Margesson)
3. Accept staff project status report from Recreation Division. (P. Scherff)
4. Accept project status report from Facilities Division. (M. Merizon)
Commissioner Rodrigues moved to accept the Consent Calendar. Commissioner Melloni seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously.

5. ACTION ITEM Approval of CIP project priorities. (J. Hansen)
Ms. Hansen referred to the presentation by Pam Ehler in the workshop prior to the opening of the Regular Meeting. She said if they had any further questions she would answer them at this time. If no questions, the budget committee is looking for a motion to approve the draft of the CIP project priorities. This would be for the year of 2004-2005 only. There were a few questions by Commissioner Jones and responded to by Ms. Hansen and Mr. DeSilva. Ms. briefly went through the projects as presented for the Commissioners. Commissioner Jones moved to approve the staff recommendations and pass that recommendation on to City Council. Commissioner Melloni seconded the motion, motion carried unanimously.

6. ACTION ITEM Discussion and approval of concept design for Carlisle Park for Ponderosa Homes “Crossroads II”, Subdivision 8529. (P. Hardy, Ponderosa Homes/S. Van Dorn, Melvin Lee Associates/J. Hansen).
Ms. Hansen introduced the subject and reviewed the project for the Commissioners. She then introduced the presenter for the park design, Pam Hardy of Ponderosa Homes. This is the park with a dog park element in its design. The goal of the presentation was to review the project, answer any questions the Commissioners may have and hopefully approve the design and assign one or two Commissioners to work with staff through the construction development. Ms. Hardy presented maps and proposed design of the park and each Commissioner as well had a smaller map in their packets. She explained the park area that is Ponderosa Home’s responsibility. Ms. Hardy gave a complete description of the park as currently planned and the type of construction products, along with plans for the dog park. Commissioners questioned the reasoning for the size of the park and asked about enlarging the dog run area. Tot lot and play structures also discussed. Sample tiles and construction samples were passed out to the Commissioners. Questions were asked about the demographics of the community as to ages of children utilizing the park. Commissioner Jones also asked about the parking for the park since it will be a neighborhood park. Further discussions as to where and how to enlarge the dog park area which was a concern especially of Commissioner Jones. Ms. Hardy agreed to look at expansion of the area to the west and work with Ms. Hansen and the architects. Commissioner Myers was concerned about an expanded area for swings especially for tots. She would like them added to one of the passive areas. Ms. Hansen discussed the possibility of adding tot swings and the issues involved as to needing more space for swings. After more discussion involving the expanded area for the dog park, and installation of swings, the request for a motion was made by Chairperson Brown. Commissioner Melloni moved that the Carlisle Park landscape improvement plan be approved with expansion of the dog park to the triangular area to the west and changing the play equipment to include two swings and accommodating the overall site for the swings. This to be accomplished by working with staff and Commissioners assigned to the park. Motion was seconded by Commissioner Rodrigues and carried unanimously. Ms. Hardy emphasized the need to work quickly on this so the design work can be moved along quickly. Ms. Hansen will set these meetings up with the Ponderosa Group, staff and Commissioners assigned to the park. 

7. DISCUSSION of park tour. (J. Hansen).
Ms. Hansen will set this tour up with Commissioners to view the parks. All Commissioners checked their calendars to set the date for the tour. Discussion of parks to visit and Commissioners especially were interested in seeing the parks currently under construction, such as Sunset, Balfour, and Oak Meadow. They will meet at the City Park and look at the current construction at that park first. Other parks were also discussed to visit as time permits, as well as Liberty Field, Heritage pool and trails areas, including if possible the John Marsh proposed park. Tour date was set for Friday, April 23, to start at 12 noon. Parking permits will be available at the Park and Recreation office. All will meet at the City Park playground. 

8. DISCUSSION and update on Park Naming Subcommittee. (K. DeSilva)
Mr. DeSilva, Park Services Manager reported on the Park Naming Subcommittee and listed the names discussed. The recommended names are as follows: 

Park Recommended Name
Centex Montelena Neighborhood Park:  Yokut Park
Sterling Preserve II Park:  Wheatfield Park
Ponderosa’s Dog Park:  King Park
Balfour Road Park:  Veteran’s Park
Rose Garden (Pulte Subdivision): Would be given names of various rose varieties. 

He also has named subdivision park names for smaller pocket parks as Almond, Cherry, Apricot, Fruitwood, Peach, Palomino, Appaloosa, and Iron Horse. The Commissioners were especially pleased with the Veteran’s Park name and hoped to plan an opening ceremony on Veteran’s Day. Discussion as to types of commemorative items in the park honoring veterans along with flag pole, etc. Mr. DeSilva said they had had great input from Kathy Leighton with her vast knowledge of the history of the area and promised to continue to work with the park naming. 

9. DISCUSSION and update on subcommittee assignments. (T. Homan)
Ms. Homan said that with the fifth Commissioner on board they wanted to bring the subcommittee assignments up to date. She went over the updated list to this date and with the Commissioners made the following changes: 

Subcommittee                                     Commissioner #1      Commissioner #2
Art Commission (liaison)                       Jan Melloni               Lanny Brown
Bicycle                                                Lanny Brown            Ernie Rodrigues
Municipal Code                                    Lanny Brown            Ernie Rodrigues
Park Naming                                        Lanny Brown            Jan Melloni
Senior Club (liaison)                             Sandy Myers            Ernie Rodrigues
Sunset Sports Complex                        Lanny Brown            Jan Melloni
Youth Center                                       Tom Jones 
Youth Commission (liaison)                  Ernie Rodrigues         Tom Jones

Park/Project                                        Commissioner #1      Commissioner #2
Balfour Road Park                                Jan Melloni               Sandy Myers
Blackhawk (Fairview Avenue)                Ernie Rodrigues         Tom Jones
Centex Montelena Park                        Jan Melloni               Ernie Rodrigues
Creekside Trailhead                             Sandy Myers             Jan Melloni
City Park Redesign                              Lanny Brown             Tom Jones
Empire Avenue Park                            Ernie Rodrigues         Lanny Brown
Heron Park                                          Lanny Brown             Ernie Rodrigues
Meritage Sterling Pinnacle                    Tom Jones                 Lanny Brown
Meritage Sterling Preserve II                 Tom Jones                 Lanny Brown
Mission Peak Amber Park                    Ernie Rodrigues         Lanny Brown
Oak Meadow Park                                Lanny Brown            Jan Melloni
Ponderosa Neigh. Park (dog park)         Jan Melloni                Ernie Rodrigues
Pulte Rose Garden Neigh.Parks            Tom Jones                Sandy Myers
Sunset Sports Complex                        Jan Melloni               Lanny Brown
Western Pacific Stonebrook II               Tom Jones                Lanny Brown
Trails                                                   Jan Melloni               Sandy Myers

10. DISCUSSION and update on CPRS District III Awards and Installation Banquet. (T. Homan)
Ms. Homan, Administrative Secretary asked if all had received Director Bronzan’s email that the Parks and Recreation Department has won five awards, plus a Community Volunteer Award for CPRS District III. The banquet is on April 1, and all are going except Commissioner Jones. Ms. Homan will be in touch with the Commissioners to arrange a carpool to the event. 

11. DISCUSSION and update on Parks & Recreation portion of the website. (T. Homan)
Ms. Homan went over the changes and additions to the website using the overhead projector. She reported that not all of the changes have been completed as yet, but are still working on them. She has gotten clearance for pictures on the website, but all must sign a waiver which she passed out. Ms. Homan suggested getting pictures taken while on park tour. Ms. Homan asked the Commissioners if they would like their city addresses on the website which would then be filtered out to their email, all agreed this would be a good idea. Other additions are the ordinance and by-laws. Service request forms have been added as well. All new programs have been added to the website as well as interactive park map. Kids Place has been added, with Holiday activities, etc. and has been receiving a lot of traffic. The affiliated organization requirements added at the Commissioners request. Commissioner Melloni suggested adding the Fun Run application to the website. Other suggestions were made and taken note of by Ms. Homan. 

12. VERBAL update on status of construction of Sunset Park Athletic Complex, Balfour Road Park, and City Park Playground. (J. Hansen).
Ms. Hansen reported that the asphalt was put down on Sunset that day and was done just before the rain started. Construction trailer is to be moved on when asphalt is dry and use as staging area. Grading and construction on next parking lot to start the following week. Soccer fields are in as far as drainage and are waiting for turf. Lots of action every day and all lights on site and should be installed next week as well. All work is on schedule and within budget. Balfour Road Park had to have water pumped out so construction could get started and grading has begun. Storm drain line has also been run. Contractors have submittals in and with good weather project will be going on at a good pace. The park is scheduled for an early summer opening. Should be in good shape for Veteran’s Day opening. City Park Playground has been delayed somewhat with rain. Play equipment has been ordered and due to arrive soon and be completed around the 15th of April. Balance of landscaping will be done later after play equipment and safety surfacing are in place. Project will be 100% complete by the middle of May 2004. 

13. VERBAL update on status of construction of Oak Meadow Park. (K. DeSilva)
Mr. DeSilva reported that Oak Meadow Park deadline is that it must be playable by the following Thursday and this will be met. Hardscaping is done and fields will be ready. Concrete work done and pads for restroom facilities stubbed in. Parking lot has been paved and backstops are finished. They may have to use a generator for the lights if PG&E cannot complete all light equipment in time. He suggested the Commissioners drive by Heron Park as it is coming along very well and discussed some of the other neighborhood parks.

14. VERBAL update on Balfour-Guthrie Park. (P. Scherff)
Ms. Scherff, Recreation Services Manager said that they had received an email from a patron who was concerned about the light usage at Balfour-Guthrie Park, also noises and parking reoccurrences in the back neighborhood area. Ms. Scherff did email the patron back to let her know that her concerns were being taken care of and said that she would go forward with meeting with the user groups and notifying their own leagues when they start. She feels the situation has been rectified. She and Mr. DeSilva have met with the Pony Baseball regarding the lights. They assured them the lights will go off at 9:30 p.m. and the system is on a timer, so this will be enforced Monday through Thursday. Friday men’s practice league will be there until 11:00 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday should be no lights. This will change when teams go over to Oak Meadow. They cannot control all the traffic in the area, but will keep an eye on parking in the neighborhood area. 


Ms. Homan said that the Form 700 has been sent to each Commissioner and if they did not get it, she had some available and they needed to be filled out and turned in that evening or by tomorrow at the City Clerk’s office. 

Ms. Hansen said she will be working on an update to the equestrian trails map in the fall, and will bring the map back to the Commission for input. 

Ms. Scherff reminded the Commissioners of the Lunch with Bunny. She is also working on a replacement person for the Aquatics Complex and that person should be on board sometime next week. She said the Job Faire was a great success by the Youth Commission. She also commented on the PAL grant.

Commissioner Myers commented on the trail meetings that she had discussed at a previous meeting, and that the next meeting will be held at the Brentwood Technology Center. She will get date and times for the Commissioners.

Commissioner Melloni announced that the Shakespeare play, “Romeo and Juliet” will be performed at the Liberty High School Performing Arts Center on April 3 and 4th. The production is free to the public and is sponsored by the Arts Commission. 

Commissioner Rodrigues remarked on the CPRS Conference where he spent considerable time working with the CAPRCBM Board, and that they are going forward now with a good group. He asked the Commission later on to put in for awards for CAPRCBM. This would be a time to recognize what the group stands for. He also thanked the Commission for supporting him. Commissioner Rodrigues did attend some legislative sessions and commented that the City of Brentwood is very lucky, as many cities are not in such good financial shape.


ADJOURNMENT: Chairperson Lanny Brown adjourned the meeting at 9:55 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Betty Jo Whincup
Minutes Recorder

City of Brentwood Park and Recreation Commission
35 Oak Street
Brentwood, CA 94513
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