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April 22, 2004 at 7 p.m.
City Council Chambers
734 Third Street
Brentwood, CA 94513

CALL TO ORDER: Meeting was called to order by Chairperson Lanny Brown at 7:06 p.m.

ROLL CALL: Chairperson Lanny Brown and Commissioners Ernie Rodrigues, Sandra Myers, Tom Jones, and Jan Melloni were present at roll call. Others present were Director of Parks and Recreation Craig Bronzan; Janet Hansen, Park Planner; Tammy Homan, Administrative Secretary; Mac Kaiser, Recreation Services Supervisor; Poldina Scherff, Recreation Services Manager; Olivia Ruiz, Recreation Services Supervisor; Laura Andrade, Recreation Services Coordinator; and Ken DeSilva, Park Services Manager.

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: All stood for the pledge of allegiance.

A. Proclamation of May to be National Bicycle Month. (J. Hansen)
Ms. Hansen reported that the Month of May is National Bicycling Month and she had a proclamation that she is requesting the Parks and Recreation as well as the City Council to endorse, designating the Month of May as National Bike Month in Brentwood and May 20th, 2004 as “Bike to Work Day”. She said there will be one energizer station this year at the corner of City Park. The proclamation was passed around for all the Commissioners to read. 

B. Presentation by the Brentwood Senior Club. (M. Kaiser) 
Mr. Kaiser then introduced Barbara Russell-Cambra, President of the Brentwood Senior Citizens Club, Inc. and Shelly Newton, Trip Secretary of the club. Mr. Kaiser said he has enjoyed working with these people for the last year and this is the second season for the Brentwood Senior Citizens Club and reported that the club has come a long way in this time. Ms. Russell-Cambra thanked the Commissioners for the opportunity to appear before them and reported that they have recently received their State and Federal 501c3 Non-Profit status. They have worked hard, along with the City, to receive this status and develop the goals and strengthen those already in place. Packets of general information describing the organization were distributed to the Commissioners. She stated the purpose of the club and cited some of the events and trips planned by the club. She discussed the luncheons and other events that take place through the auspices of the Senior Citizens Club, Inc. Ms. Newton was then introduced and told the Commissioners of the upcoming events planned by the club. Mr. Kaiser and others who have worked with the club and the Commissioners were thanked for providing him as well as Joanne Joaquin who works as an assistant to Mr. Kaiser. Commissioners thanked them for the report and Chairperson Brown said they are doing an excellent job. Commissioners Jones and Rodrigues also commended Mr. Kaiser and the group for their achievements. Commissioner Myers is the new Commissioner liaison for the Senior Citizen’s Club.

C. Announcement of Spring to Life Fun Run. (M. Kaiser)
Mr. Kaiser announced the Seventh Annual Spring to Life CornCob Classic Fun Run on Saturday April 24. He encouraged the Commissioners to participate, either as a runner or as a volunteer to assist in the event. They need people to help at intersections and at registration counters. They will start registration at 7:30 a.m. in front of the Community Center. They have approximately 150 runners signed up and usually about 50% pre-register and 50% show up the day of the run. He expects about 250 runners. There will be several new sponsors this year as well as others from years past. He commented on others who will be working with the race including the Youth Commission, Village Resource Center, and are always looking for other volunteers. 

D. Presentation of materials from “Connecting the Community: 2003 Funding Opportunities Conference by the Office of Community Services. (O. Ruiz/L. Andrade).
Ms. Andrade, Recreation Services Coordinator, gave her report on the two-day conference first. She said the first day started with an opening address by the Director of the Office of Community Service, Mr. Clarence Carter. Mr. Carter discussed the logistics of the Federal Grant process and outlined what the two day conference would be presenting. The afternoon sessions were concerning family structure and she passed out hand out brochures from these sessions for the Commissioner’s information. Olivia Ruiz, Recreation Services Supervisor then covered the events of the second day of the conference. She said they had very good speakers and grant announcements that funds would be available were a part of the second day’s program. Ms. Ruiz named these funds for the Commissioners. She also reported that there were workshops for all of these grants. She and Ms. Andrade attended a workshop chaired by grant manager for the Office of Grant Management for OCS (Office of Community Services). They were given information on how to apply for the funds. Attendees of the workshop were given an overview of what the actual grant process is like and information down to details as to what font to be used on applications, margins, etc. She felt better equipped to apply for these programs after attending the workshops. Ms. Ruiz said she felt the programs they have in Brentwood are strong programs and should qualify for funding. She did say the competition is fierce, but she is looking forward to establishing a team and applying for a grant within the next month. This has a deadline of approximately one month to be submitted and they will be working on it immediately. 

The Commissioners asked if she would be working with the City’s grant writer and Ms. Ruiz assured them that they would.

At this time Poldina Scherff, Recreation Services Manager presented Kristin Mingst, a new staff member. She is a Recreation Services Coordinator for the Aquatics Complex. Ms. Mingst then gave a little information on her background and experience. She looks forward to working with the City. 

AGENDA REVIEW: No changes or additions.


1. Approve minutes of regular meeting of March 25, 2004.
2. Accept staff report from Parks Division (B. Margesson).
3. Accept staff project status report from Recreation Division (P. Scherff).
4. Accept results from unannounced audit by Jeff Ellis and Associates, Inc. (P. Scherff/S. Barry).
Commissioner Rodrigues moved the acceptance of the Consent Calendar. Motion seconded by Commissioner Jones and carried unanimously.

5. DISCUSSION of attendance at the 2004 Community Services Conference, July 28-30, 2004.
Director Bronzan reported that the budget allows for the Commissioners to attend two conferences a year. He discussed other two conferences usually attended by the Commissioners were named and described the Community Services Conference which is coming up in July. This year the conference will be in Monterey and Mr. Bronzan would like to have those Commissioners interested in attending to let Tammy Homan, Administrative Secretary know so she can make arrangements. The conference will be paid for out of next year’s budget. Commissioner Jones commented that when he attended last year he felt the speakers were excellent. Commissioner Rodrigues expressed interest in attending as did Chairperson Brown and Myers. 

6. ACTION ITEM Approve recommendation of park names to City Council for final approval. (K. DeSilva)
Ms. DeSilva brought back the proposed names given at the previous meeting for approval. He went through the names being proposed for the parks and stated that this was an action item and would require a vote by the Commissioners. He listed them as follows:

1. Subdivision 8557 - Providence Place (Western Pacific)
Recommended Name: Fruitwood Park
2. Subdivision 8603 - Sterling Pinnacle (Meritage)
Recommended Names: Apricot, Cherry, Almond, and Peach
3. Subdivision 8546 - Sterling Preserve 11 (Meritage)
Recommended Name for Park 1: Iron Horse Park
Recommended Name for Park 2: Wheatfield
4. Subdivision 8601 - Brighton Station (Western Pacific)
Recommended Names: Palomino and Appaloosa
5. CIP # 522-5221 - Balfour Road Park
Recommended Name: Veteran’s Park
6. Subdivision 8529 - Ponderosa Crossings
Recommended Name: King Park
7. Subdivision 8469 and 8663 - Centex Montelena I and II
Recommended Name: Yokut Park

Reasons were given to the Commissioners for the various names given the parks, one particularly mentioned was King Park, which is named for the first dog who was issued a dog license in Contra Costa County in 1934. The dog’s name was King and was actually owned by a Brentwood resident. This will be the first dog park to be created in Brentwood. The issue of naming the Balfour Road Park “Veteran’s Park” was discussed at some length. Mr. Bronzan suggested recommending to City Council to name a park on behalf of the Veterans, and suggest the park behind the pool as the one to be so designated. The City Council may wish to name another park or may wish to consider designing another park from the outset to honor veterans. The Commissioners had felt this would be a tribute to veterans and were quite enthusiastic about the name at the time it was presented at the March meeting. Director Bronzan thought that a veterans’ park might want to be planned in advance, rather than to just name one which has already been designed. There was some considerable discussion on the subject of naming this park and/or designing a park with all veteran services in mind. There may need to be a reflective area or memorial type of theme. Discussion of the type of park that is being planned and how a veteran’s theme could be incorporated into the Balfour Park. Commissioner Rodrigues spoke in favor of naming this in honor of the veterans of all services. Commissioner Jones felt that a park honoring veterans should be a high visibility park, not a small one tucked away in a neighborhood where it would not gain the proper significance. He felt the veterans might wish to place their own types of design in the park without a cost to the city. Director Bronzan felt the Commissioners should present their feelings at the next City Council meeting. He also felt it should be presented that if the various veteran organizations want to be involved, that they would be responsible for extra elements honoring the veterans at no cost to the City. He and staff will be willing to work with the Commissioners on this type of proposal to the City Council. After further discussion Commissioner Jones suggested #5 regarding Balfour Park naming should be taken out of the vote approving the naming of the parks, and then do a separate proposal on this park for the City Council. He would be willing to work on this proposal with the staff. Commissioner Jones moved that all items presented in the park naming presented by Mr. DeSilva be approved with the exception of the fifth item and that this park be proposed in a separate proposal to the City Council. Commissioner Rodrigues seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously.

This proposal will go before the City Council on May 11, 2004. All Commissioners are requested to attend this meeting if possible. Janet Hansen, Park Planner also made some comments and suggestions regarding the park. Commissioner Jones suggested getting together with various veterans groups prior to the City Council meeting to get their comments and suggestions for a commemorative park. Commissioner Rodrigues thought it might be a better idea to meet with veterans after appearing before the City Council regarding the proposal. Ms. Hansen said areas could be left in the Balfour Park for commemorative elements. Commissioners Jones, Rodrigues and Brown plan to attend, Commissioner Melloni will if schedule allows. 

7. DISCUSSION/UPDATE on scheduled community meetings for new City Hall, long-term Civic Center alternatives, and Downtown and Brentwood Boulevard specific plans. (C. Bronzan)
Director Bronzan said this is an informational item and requested Administrative Secretary Homan to pass out the flyer announcing a series of community workshop and map of how the City is planning growth. He described the four community workshops and the schedules and what will be presented at each meeting. The meetings will be held May 4, May 19, June 2 and June 30, 2004. All meetings will be held at 6:00 p.m., the first meeting will be held in City Council Chambers and the rest will be held at the Community Center. 

8. VERBAL update on the Sunset Sports Complex Subcommittee meeting held April 14th.
(J. Hansen/P. Scherff/K. DeSilva/J. Melloni).
Ms. Hansen said the subcommittee met and went over recommendations from the staff. She commented on the history of the park and that when the bids for the park came in under budget, the request had been made to be able to go back and request some items back into the project that had originally been removed. They have now gone back to the subcommittee requesting dugout covers for all of the ball fields, for a single score board for the competition soccer field, to sod - rather than hydro seed with pre-germinated hydroseed, and some other items such as LED scoreboards and some fencing at the canal. The subcommittee was in favor of these items and therefore are moving forward to City Council with these recommendations, with the exceptions of the fence. She is currently negotiating on this item with the ECCID. She is hoping to have a recommendation on that subject prior to the City Council meeting the following Tuesday, April 27, 2004. Mr. DeSilva commented on the scoreboard for the soccer field. The subcommittee came up with the idea of a PA system for the entire complex, and would like a zoned system. She is doing some research on this presently. The Council recommendation does not include funding for that but does allow discussion with money that is left over and felt this would be appropriate use of those funds. The PA system in design and engineering is roughly $10,000, cost of construction and installation, etc. is $75,000 to $85,000. This would come to approximately $100,000. Ms. Hansen said they are asking for $407,000, and that there was $608,000 unencumbered funds when she met with the subcommittee. This recommendation is asking for a change order for $407,000. Ms. Scherff commented that the PA system is a good feature, especially to locate lost children, etc. Ms. Homan passed out the staff report for Commissioners to read. There have been contract extensions of 29 rain days at this point. The opening is planned for late August or September. Ms. Hansen said at this point the unencumbered funds are $608,950.00. She will be asking City Council to authorize $407,798.00, not including the PA system at approximately $100,000.00.

At the subcommittee meeting Mr. DeSilva gave a turf report and Ms. Scherff presented the list of facility policies and procedures fees and proposed alcohol vending concessions at the concession stands. The subcommittee is recommending that there not be alcohol sales at the concession stands. Another recommendation was to allow storage areas for affiliate organizations, and that the City would staff the facility with part time staff at all times and be responsible for opening and closing and supervising the activities that go on at the park. Light fee structures were presented at the meeting and some are being reworked by staff and other organizations to make it more affordable for usage for the affiliated organizations at Sunset Park. Ms. Scherff also recommended that vehicle use be only by City staff and this was agreed by the subcommittee. There was further comment by Ms. Scherff that they will be working on fundraising possibilities by the concessions. Ms. Hansen went over the overall budget again for the Commissioners. 

9. VERBAL update on Commissioner park tour scheduled for Friday, April 23, 2004 at Noon (J. Hansen)
Ms. Hansen asked the Commissioners about the pre-scheduled park tour which had been scheduled for April 23, but now one Commissioner will be unable to go on the tour. Also, Director Bronzan has not had any response on the request to visit the John Marsh House. She wanted to discuss whether the Commissioners would like to reschedule or still plan on the tour on April 23, 2004. It was decided to reschedule the tour. Dates were discussed and the date of Friday, May 7, 2004. The tour will start at 10 a.m. and last until 5 p.m. Lunch will be provided. The group will leave from the City Community Center. 

Devonie Mendonca, asked a question regarding a bypass near the Tuscany subdivision, as to who owns the property. Director Bronzan responded that this is owned by Parks and Recreation and that the ultimate plan is to connect south all the way to Balfour. This will be a trail and not landscaped in the current plans. 


Commissioner Rodrigues was elected by District III to be the Commission Representative so he has another job he is looking forward to. Director Bronzan is hoping to host a District III brunch, including Alameda and Contra Costa Counties in Brentwood. All will be invited.


ADJOURNMENT: Chairperson Brown adjourned the meeting at 8:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Betty Jo Whincup
Minutes Recorder
City of Brentwood Park and Recreation Commission
35 Oak Street
Brentwood, CA 94513
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