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City of Brentwood
City of Brentwood
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September 22, 2005
Veterans Park
8101 Balfour Road
Brentwood, CA 94513

WORKSHOP - 6:00 P.M.

The Commissioners and Staff members, Tammy Homan, Administrative Supervisor; Poldina Scherff, Recreation Manager; Mac Kaiser, Recreation Supervisor; and Ken DeSilva, Landscape/Facilities Manager met at the Veterans Park at 6:00 p.m. The public had been invited to express any comments or opinions to the Commissioners. No one from the public came to the workshop.

CALL TO ORDER: Chairperson Tom Jones called the meeting to order at 7:00 p. m.

Roll was called by the Minutes Recorder. Commissioners present were Chairperson Tom Jones and Commissioners Lanny Brown, Jan Melloni, Sandra Myers and Ernie Rodrigues. Staff members present were Ken DeSilva, Landscape/Facilities Manager, Poldina Scherff, Recreation Manager, Tammy Homan, Administrative Supervisor and Mac Kaiser, Recreation Supervisor.


AGENDA REVIEW: No additions or changes.


  1. Approve minutes of regular meeting of August 25, 2005
  2. Accept staff report from Parks Division. (B. Margesson)
  3. Accept staff project status report from Recreation Division (P. Scherff)
  4. Accept staff report from Arts Division (R. Burr-Siegel)
  5. Accept informational City Council staff report regarding consideration of keeping Sunset Park Athletic Complex open other than for scheduled events (P. Scherff)
  6. Accept informational City Council staff report regarding consideration of property across from the Brentwood Family Aquatics Complex as a future park site. (P. Scherff)
  7. Accept draft Annual Report for FY 2004/2005 and recommend moving forward to City Council for acceptance (C. Bronzan/T. Homan)
  8. Accept Fall 2005/Winter 2006 Activities Guide. (P. Scherff)
    Commissioner Lanny Brown moved the acceptance of the Consent Calendar, motion seconded by Commissioner Melloni. Motion carried unanimously.


  1. ACTION ITEM Approve park concept plans for three Barrington project parks by Denova Homes
    (K. DeSilva/Matt Bauwens, John Nicol & Associates.
    Mr. Matt Bauwens and John Nicol were introduced by Mr. DeSilva, Landscape/Facilities Manager. Mr. Nicol described the properties that would be under discussion for the Commission. Mr. Nicol utilized a large map to indicate the location of the properties under discussion. The first parcel discussed was the parcel “A” park and detention basin. Large colored displays of the proposed park schemes were presented and described to the Commissioners. Mr. Bauwens discussed the trail portion of the presentation. The Commissioners questioned the depth of the basin and Commissioner Melloni asked about the possibility of a dog run on the trail. The flood control basin and its capabilities to withstand a possible 100 year flood were discussed, and area covered as the water shed to this basin explained. The natural habitat in the area seemed to support more of a nature type of park, this concept was stressed in this scheme. Discussion of the placement of picnic tables, shade, trails and the possibility of a butterfly garden theme in Scheme 1.

Scheme 2 was presented with slightly different options, showing bocce courts, rose garden and 45 parking spaces. Commissioners seemed to prefer the butterfly garden over the rose garden. Shade structures and picnic tables discussed. Commissioner Myers wondered about the picnic tables so close to Garin Parkway. Commissioner Brown expressed the opinion that he liked the Scheme 2 the best. Commissioner Rodrigues preferred the more natural type of park over all of the different types of amenities. Commissioner Melloni like Scheme 1 with the butterfly area. Commissioners also asked about some type of toilet, either a portable toilet or unisex toilet and water fountains on each end of the park. Mr. DeSilva said he would research the unisex toilet as preferred over a portable toilet. It was also noted that there will be an art element in this park. Chairperson Jones asked if any Commissioners had been assigned to this park as yet. Since no one had, Commissioners Melloni and Rodrigues volunteered to work with the staff and planners on this park. Mr. Nicols then summed up his understanding of what the Commissioners wished to achieve in this park. They would like more of a passive nature park as indicated in Scheme l, with tables brought together in a cluster, have some next to the bocce court. He will consider the restroom request, and a shade structure in butterfly garden, with no rose garden element. There will be a sand volleyball court and two water fountains. Some single benches were also requested. Some interpretive feature in the butterfly element was suggested.

Parcel E, Scheme 1 was presented and a large, colored map of the proposed park, with both Scheme 1 and 2 presented. Location of the parks were given to the Commissioners, indicating where the entrances to the park would be and their position in the neighborhood. These were two small neighborhood parks, the first scheme featuring a play area, kiosk, and two shade structures. There would be many shade trees, one a large flowering accent tree and a large open lawn area which could be utilized as a soccer fields for under 8 soccer players. Scheme 2 depicted a smaller open lawn area, with a play field and a separate playlot featuring a handicap accessible play structure, tire and bucket swing and two benches. There is also a shade pavilion with handicap accessible picnic tables, barbecue and drinking fountain. A basketball court was also featured with three benches. Another picnic area was also featured in this scheme. A kiosk with a neighborhood trail map was included as part of this park. All areas in both parks are shown as handicap accessible. Commissioners Brown and Jones commented positively on the basketball court, they really liked that element. Discussion of the tire swings. Mr. Nicols will check out questions regarding this type of swing brought up by the Commissioners. Commissioners Melloni and Rodrigues will work on this project also and assisted by staff in discussions with the architect. The Commissioners preferred the scheme 2 plan of the two presented, with more play area as in the first scheme.

The next park to be presented was Parcel P consisting of 1.2 acres. Mr. Bauwens gave a description of where the park was located and presented again two schemes for the Commissioners consideration. The first scheme presented by Mr. Bauwens featured a long meandering walk with many shade trees, a picnic and play area with tire swing and other larger swing structure. A gazebo is featured with picnic tables, barbecue, drinking fountain and two open lawn play fields that could accommodate ages 8 and under soccer fields. These fields are separated by the meandering walkway. Many shade and buffer trees are offered in this plan. The Commissioners questioned the reason for the division of the play fields. Discussion of where the foot traffic would come from in the neighborhood to the park.

Scheme 2 located the shade pavilion and play areas in the upper right hand corner of the map and thus leaving a larger open lawn area for play field, again could accommodate 8 years of age and under for soccer. Play areas indicate belt swings, bucket swings and race car spring rockers which were indicated and described by Mr. Bauwens. A tricycle path is also featured with colored concrete, center line striping and traffic markings. Commissioners then discussed which plan they preferred. Scheme 2 seemed to be the preferred plan. Commissioner Myers wanted more trees around the play area, she reminded them that the mothers in the area have made this a priority with them. She would also like to see benches in the play area near the equipment. She suggested that they check out the City Park and the way the benches are located around the play area there. Mr. Nicols then asked if there were any further comments and said that it looks like Scheme 2 is the favorite and all of the Commissioners concurred. They will work with the staff and Commissioners with these suggestions in mind. Commissioners Melloni and Rodrigues are assigned to this parcel as well as the first two.

  1. ACTION ITEM Approve park concept plan for the Sterling Preserve 3 project by Meritage Homes
    (K. DeSilva/Matt Bauwens, John Nicol & Associates)
    Scott Kramer was introduced by Mr. DeSilva. He is a forward Planner with Meritage Homes and was accompanying Mr. Nicols and Mr. Bauwens for informational and educational purposes. The location and proposed architectural plans for Parcel A, in the Sterling Preserve III was presented. Large colored maps and drawing were displayed and the area described by Mr. Nicols. The two parcels being discussed in this item consist of a trail corridor and a small park. The park would be l.4 acres in size. The primary entrance to the park would be O’Hara Avenue and bounded on the trails section by Grant Street. The proposed park consists of an open lawn area, a play lot, picnic area, park bench, flowering orchard and a children’s maze. Shade trees and seasonal accent trees are also included along with other park benches located in various other areas. There will be two entrances to the park and an art element will be included. Commissioner Myers said she understood that S & S Farms which is adjacent to this park is also doing a maze. She would also like to see a water element. Mr. DeSilva will find out who is working on the S & S Farms maze and will work with the architects and Commissioners on this element. Commissioners Myers and Brown were assigned to work on this park with the staff and architects. The trail plan between EBMUD and linked to S & S Farms property, a pedestrian walkway with landscaping and rail separating property. Fence will have a split rail look and benches.
  2. UPDATE/DISCUSSION of new Parks and Recreation fees for fiscal year 2005/06. ( P. Scherff)
    Ms. Scherff explained that there are some new fees and services that have been approved by City Council for FY 2005/06. They have added picnic rentals to the fee structure and there is an across-the-board fee structure of rates including, resident, non-resident, commercial, and non-profit rates. There has been a complete facility rental rate, and a per field rate to accommodate some of the spin off teams and other teams that come to utilize the fields, such as Pony baseball. There is a 2.4% increase which is a cost of living increase for this year. There has been an added feature for those renting the Community Center and Women’s Club in the form of a set-up and take-down of tables, chairs and other equipment in relation to a rental for a nominal fee. These were the new features and the others were much the same as the previous year. She also commented that Tammy Homan, Administrative Supervisor had also worked very hard on this instrument. She was asked if this has been approved by the City Council and she affirmed that it has been in a public hearing. Most of the comments by the Commissioners were very positive. Commissioner Myers requested that the Toddler Time under the aquatics section could be a day fee for those who may come in from out of town and have to buy the full fee, and have like a one day drop-in. Ms. Scherff said this could be divided by eight and accommodate those persons. This is currently to cover Monday through Thursday for a fee of $14.50. Commissioner Myers suggested if the fee could be only $1 to $3 each time it would be helpful.
  3. DISCUSSION Tour of Livermore recreation facilities. (E. Rodrigues)
    Commissioner Rodrigues said that this has been discussed at a previous meeting and he has dates that would be available through the Livermore Commission. Those dates are October 4, October 5, October 6, or October 12th. He asked the Commissioners to let Tammy know what date they would be interested in attending. He would like to get this arranged as soon as possible and staff is invited as well. Commissioner Brown and Ms. Scherff have already done the tour.

CITIZEN COMMENTS: None present to comment.

STAFF COMMENTS: None at this time

Commissioner Rodrigues thanked Ms. Homan for the fantastic job she has done in putting together the Parks, Trails and Recreation Master Plan Annual Report for FY 2004/2005. She said that this is a collaborative effort from all in the department.


ADJOURNMENT: Chairperson Jones adjourned the meeting at 8:35 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Betty Jo Whincup, Minutes Recorder

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