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Park & Rec Commission Minutes - January 26 2006
Meeting Minutes
January 26, 2006
City Council Chambers
734 Third Street
Brentwood, CA 94513

CALL TO ORDER: Chairperson Tom Jones called the meeting to order at 7:05 p. m.

ROLL CALL: Commissioners present as follows: Chairperson Tom Jones, Commissioners Lanny Brown, and Jan Melloni. Commissioner Sandra Myers was absent at roll call. Staff members present were Ken DeSilva, Landscape/Facilities Manager; Poldina Scherff, Recreation Manager; Rob Shatting, Recreation Coordinator; Craig Bronzan, Director of Parks and Recreation; Tammy Homan, Administrative Supervisor; and Felix Errico, Park Planner.

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: The pledge was given by all present

A. Part-Time Employee Play Book (R. Shatting)
Rob Shatting explained the new tool that explains all about the Brentwood Parks & Recreation Department. Pictures of employees and Commissioners are included in the document so that new employees will recognize them. The CD also explains all of the programs and facilities of the Brentwood Parks and Recreation Department and includes policies and rules for the department. Part-time applicants must complete the Play Book prior to their employment with the City of Brentwood.

Commissioner Myers arrived at 7:13 p.m.


Director Bronzan introduced Felix Errico, the new Park Planner for the Parks and Recreation Department.

AGENDA REVIEW: No changes or additions.

1. Approve minutes of regular meeting of November 17, 2005
2. Accept staff project status report from Recreation Division (P. Scherff)
3. Accept staff report from Parks Division (K. DeSilva)
4. Accept staff report from Arts Division (R Burr-Siegel)
5. Accept update on Veterans element at Veterans Park (K. DeSilva)
6. Accept the results of Brentwood Family Aquatics Complex audit on December 16, 2005 by Jeff Ellis and Associates, Inc. (M. Kaiser)
7. Approve affiliation agreements with the Terrapins, Dolphins and Aquaknights swim teams for calendar year 2006 (P. Scherff/M. Kaiser)
8. Approve affiliation agreement with Brentwood Pony Baseball League for calendar year
2006 (P. Scherff)
9. Approve affiliation agreement with East Diablo Youth Soccer League (P. Scherff/
K. Salisbury)

Commissioner Ernie Rodrigues moved to pull items 8 and 9 and to move item 10 as first scheduled item. Motion seconded by Commissioner Brown, motion carried.

Motion to approve Consent Calendar with exception of Items 8 and 9. Motion seconded and carried.


10. ACTION ITEM Project overview and approve park concept plans for
Steeplechase project, Subdivision #8674 by Richmond American Homes. (K. DeSilva)
Neal Pann, Forward Planner of Richmond American Homes and Pam Jones from HWA Landscape Architecture Site Planning presented the preliminary plans for the Steeplechase Park Concept Plans. Maps were displayed and also included in each of the Commissioners’ packets along with a detailed description of the location of the project, descriptions of architecture and materials involved. Concerns of land use expressed by Commissioners, along with concerns of nearby busy streets. Two separate plans were presented for each of the parks. Commissioners discussed desirability of more open turf over more shaded play structures. One plan had more open space than the other one which presented more shaded play areas. Questions were asked and answered regarding the conditions of approval. Commissioner Rodrigues asked about size of trees and amount of play area in picnic area. After considerable discussion the Commissioners agreed to approve Option 1 over Option 2.

Mr. DeSilva, Landscape/Facilities Manager asked which Commissioners would be assigned to work with staff on deciding about playground equipment. Commissioners thought this would be taken care of in the next item, assigning Commissioners to the various parks.

Motion by Commissioner Myers to proceed with Plan A on each of the parks. Motion seconded by Commissioner Melloni and motion carried unanimously. Also added to this motion was a direction to review the proposed plans within four weeks. Chairperson Jones also asked that concerns for traffic in parks be addressed.

11. ACTION ITEM Review of Park Subcommittee assignments. (F. Errico)
Commissioner Brown said in reviewing the assignments that there is no longer a Bicycle Commission Subcommittee. Commissioner Myers said that she will continue on the Senior Subcommittee. There were some comments by the new Park Planner regarding the park projects. He felt that in some of the parks, such as the Centex it is important to have staff as well as Commissioners involved in the planning. Park Planner Errico was asked by Chairperson Jones if he had any remarks on these assignments. Mr. Errico said since he was new, he would like to see Commissioners continue to work on parks to fine tune the composition of those parks, in particular Centex Homes Park ll. He felt it important for Commissioners and staff to work together on these issues. There was some discussion on the printed assignments included in the packets, some have been completed and some already have Commissioners assigned. Mr. DeSilva said he is keeping track of park assignments. Discovery Builders Brighton Station Park has already been assigned to Commissioners Brown and Myers, both the park and trails. Empire Avenue Park was discussed by the Pioneer School, Mr. DeSilva said they are working to bring in some architects for this property. Commissioner Rodrigues has been assigned to this park along with Commissioner Brown. The Nunn Cox property which is located near the Bypass was next to be discussed. This has been assigned to Commissioner Brown, Commissioner Myers will also be assigned to this park. Pinn Brothers is assigned to Commissioner Melloni and Brown. The Ponderosa King Park is completed but no time frame as yet as to when the dog park will be opened. The Pringle Ashford Property was discussed, but there is no park there, so no Commissioners assigned. The Pulte Rose Garden is completed and had been assigned to Commissioners Jones and Myers. Commissioner Rodrigues said the Prewitt Ranch needs to be included and was not on list as presented. This is a park with a lake included in this property. Steeplechase Park which was discussed earlier in the meeting needs also to have Commissioners assigned. Commissioners Melloni and Brown were assigned to this park. Signature Cedarwood Trail was discussed and Commissioner Melloni suggested that all trails be assigned together and since she and Commissioner Myers are on the Trails Subcommittee this would be appropriate to be assigned to them. Chairperson Jones agreed. S & S Backbone Parks was already part of a property that Commissioner Myers was assigned to and so she would continue on this project along with Commissioner Brown. Commissioner Rodrigues raised the question that some of the Commissioners were getting more assignments than others to these parks, and his impression was that these assignments were to be balanced between all of the Commissioners. Other parks were discussed that have not been assigned since maps were not turned into the City Council. Commissioner Melloni volunteered for any parks near Minnesota Avenue. Mr. DeSilva explained the process of defining parks when developers come to the department with conceptual plans. Commissioner Myers suggested that staff conduct an overview of these assignments. Chairperson suggested a new category of facilities and equipment division. This issue was discussed and Mr. DeSilva liked the way the parks were handled at this time. Commissioner Rodrigues expressed he was still feeling uncomfortable and said he would like to make a point of the issue, he felt each of the Commissioners have a lot of experience with play equipment, he did not feel just one person to say what should be installed. He felt it reflects to the whole Commission the type of play equipment put in the parks. Mr. DeSilva said he likes each Commissioner to work on each park they are assigned to for play equipment as well as other amenities. Commissioner Melloni asked Mr. DeSilva to take parks off the printed list that are already completed. Motion to approve the new roster of assignments by Commissioner Brown, motion seconded by Commissioner Melloni, motion carried with one objection by Chairperson Rodrigues.

12. ACTION ITEM Election of officers. (P. Scherff)
Poldina Scherff, Recreation Manager presided over the election of officers in accordance with Section 2.46.060 of the Brentwood Municipal Code. Commissioner Rodrigues will automatically assume the position of Chairperson and the Commission will need to elect a new Vice Chairperson. Chairperson Jones nominated Commissioner Brown for this position. Commissioner Brown noted that all had previously had the opportunity to assume the position of Vice Chairperson except Commissioner Myers. Commissioner Melloni then nominated Commissioner Myers for the position of Vice Chairperson. Chairperson Jones asked if Commissioner Brown would defer to Commissioner Myers and he agreed. Question was asked if there were any further nominations, hearing none, nominations were closed. Motion made by Commissioner Melloni to elect Sandra Myers as Chairperson for 2006. Motion seconded by Commissioner Brown and approved unanimously. Commissioner Myers was then declared duly elected Vice Chairperson.


Mr. DeSilva said that they are currently working on the Cox Property and he would like to get a couple of names for working on the planning process. This is the naming process for the process. He asked for suggestions for naming the park from the Commissioners. Theme of the area is Tuscan. Mr. DeSilva will get together at a later date with the two Commissioners assigned to this park and bring back their suggestions to a meeting in the near future.

Director Bronzan said he was asked for an update on King Park and said that the developer has not taken the fences down and turned the property over to the city at this point. He and the Ponderosa developers met the previous week. The developer has stated that they are mothballing some of the lots and will not be completing now due to the slow-down in sales. The developer has suggested opening the park to the city and they will continue to maintain the park and pay the costs until 80%, if the City will accept the litter and doggy pickups and also the legal liability responsibility for the park. This is now being considered and going through legal review. Goal is to get the project finalized by early April and open the park at that time.

Director Bronzan also said that in line with staff development and rotation of assignments, since Mr. DeSilva has been liaison to the Commission for two years, the position is now being transferred to Ms. Scherff. Mr. DeSilva will still attend the meetings and be supportive of the Commission. Ms. Scherff will work with Chairperson Rodrigues in planning the agenda and other related affairs.

Commissioner Rodrigues congratulated Mr. Errico for 10-12 years in Livermore and he brings a lot of experience to the department. He also thanked Commissioner Jones for his service in the community and felt he would be missed. Commissioner Jones was then presented with a plaque in honor of his service to the Brentwood Parks and Recreation as Chairperson.

Item 8 and 9 from this agenda to be carried to next meeting, Agreement with Brentwood Pony Baseball League and East Diablo Youth Soccer League

Chairperson Jones adjourned the meeting at 8:39 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Betty Jo Whincup,
Minutes Recorde

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