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Park & Rec Commission Minutes - June 29 2006
Meeting Minutes
June 29, 2006
City Council Chambers
734 Third Street
Brentwood, CA 94513

CALL TO ORDER: Chairperson Rodrigues called the meeting to order at 7:01 p.m.

ROLL CALL: Present were Chairperson Ernie Rodrigues, Vice Chairperson Sandra Myers, and Commissioners Tom Jones and Jan Melloni. Commissioner Lanny Brown was absent and excused.
Staff members present were Tammy Homan Administrative Supervisor; Craig Bronzan, Director of Parks and Recreation; Mac Kaiser, Recreation Supervisor; and Felix Errico, Park Planner.


A. Presentation of Annual Spring to life Fun Run proceeds to volunteer groups. (M. Kaiser) Mac Kaiser asked Chairperson Rodrigues to assist in presenting proceeds to those volunteer groups that helped with the Fun Run. He said the income this year to be divided among the volunteer groups is $3,899. Commissioner Belinda Ordaz accepted the check on behalf of the Youth Commission. Representatives from the Delta Peddlers, the Village Community Resource Center, and the Liberty Educational Foundation accepted their checks. The Senior Meals on Wheels also had volunteers and although their representative was not present, Mr. Kaiser will make sure they receive their check.

B. Proclamation - July as National Recreation & Park Month. (E. Rodrigues)
Chairperson Rodrigues presented the proclamation honoring the month of July as a special month dedicated to Parks and Recreation. He thanked the staff and Commissions and urged everyone to go out and enjoy the beautiful parks in the city.

C. Brentwood Mom’s Club Crusade for Shade. (Toni Hay)
Toni Hay, representing the Brentwood Mom’s Club presented the Commission with a check for $2,000 for the Crusade for Shade. They have previously presented Mr. Ken DeSilva, Landscape/Facilities Manager with a total of $25,000 for this cause. She also reported that she had written a grant and have received funding of $10,000 for the project. When she receives this check, she will come back and present it to the Commission. She said that they have some money left over that they wish to buy their plaques with and also want to participate in the Veterans tile project for the Veterans Park. They wish to donate $200 to this project.

Commissioner Jones asked if this would be an ongoing project, Ms. Hay was not sure at this time. She was thanked by the Commissioners for her work. Commissioner Myers said she hopes that they do continue as there other parks that also need the shade. Chairperson Rodrigues thanked Ms. Hay for her work on this campaign.

AGENDA REVIEW: No changes in the agenda

Celia Migay, a resident of Brentwood has some problems to discuss regarding Creekside Park. She said there are issues of broken glass and smoking; however she was representing her family on a separate issue. They are homeowners near Creekside Park and since their oldest child was born with Cerebral Palsy, the park facilities there are not accessible for her. She particularly likes to swing and could do that when she became too big for the toddlers swings. She has discussed this issue with her husband and other friends whose children also have special needs so that the playground equipment is not accessible to them either. She wondered what can be done to make these parks accessible to both children and adults with disabilities. She is very interested in being a part of this program and came to the Commissioners as her starting place. The Commissioners asked questions as to what is needed in these parks and how they could help. She brought pictures of equipment applicable for special needs children in other areas which she shared with the Commissioners. Commissioner Myers commented that Creekside is one of the older parks that is scheduled to be reworked and that some of the newer parks being completed in the city are ADA compliant. There was some further discussion with the Commissioners and Mr. and Mrs. Migay. The Commissioners requested them to leave the material with them and or them to stay for the discussion item on the agenda regarding Creekside Park.

Mr. Migay also spoke and commented on the fact that he is a coach for a soccer team for children of all abilities. He said that they started with 25 players last year and this year have 50 players. He said that both he and his wife are very involved in the special needs community. Chairperson Rodrigues said that he will refer this matter to the staff and hope that they will look at this concern and see what can be done for all the children in the community with special needs. The material was left with Tammy Homan, Administrator Supervisor and Chairperson Rodrigues asked the Migays to stay in touch with the Commission.

Valerie Austin, a resident of Brentwood, came forward to comment about in-line roller hockey. Her son is a roller hockey player at Bristow and loves it. She is concerned about needing a smooth cement surface, rather than the asphalt that they are playing on at this time. She says this asphalt is very abrasive to the hockey sticks and destroys the roller blade wheels. She hopes that there is somewhere else that some cement could be poured to accommodate this sport. She said the coach will get an official size and she also has people who are willing to raise money for the pouring of the cement if the City could find a place for them. They also have cement finishers who would help with this as well. The coach and assistant coach will paint the lines on it since that is really all that is needed. They already have the trailer and equipment. Director Bronzan also commented on her request. He had invited her to come to the meeting with her concern. Her felt that when they have the measurements, staff could look for a site and come back to the next meeting with a response. Ms. Austin will give any other information she has to Mr. Errico to work with on the project.

1. Approve minutes of regular meeting of May 25, 2006
2. Accept Recreation Division monthly report and project status report. (P. Scherff)
3. Accept Parks Division monthly report. (B. Margesson)
4. Accept Arts Division monthly report. (R. Burr-Siegel)
5. Accept CIP Project Status sheets. (K. DeSilva)
6. Accept memorandum from Director regarding clarification on Commissioner park assignments and presentation on playground safety. (C. Bronzan)
Commissioner Myers asked to pull Item 1 from the Consent Calendar. Commissioner Jones moved to accept items 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 of the Consent Calendar. Motion seconded by Commissioner Myers and carried.

Commissioner Myers then returned to Item #1, which she had pulled from the agenda. She did not have a problem requiring a change in the minutes. She only referred to this portion of the minutes of the previous meeting on page 3, paragraph 4, under Commissioner Comments. This referred to reported problems with drug use issues in Balfour-Guthrie and Garin Parks. In this conversation Mr. DeSilva had said he would contact Chief Davies about the issue and email the Commissioners as to the result of the conversation. She has not received an email in response and the problem remains. She has never seen a police car in the vicinity and wanted to know what action has or will be taken on this issue. Chairperson Rodrigues referred this question to Director Bronzan. Director Bronzan said that he will make sure that staff does follow up on this problem and report back to the Commission. Commissioner Jones then moved to approve Item #1 with no changes or corrections, motion seconded by Commissioner Myers, motion carried unanimously.


7. DISCUSSION ITEM Parks and Recreation Department Survey of Residents. (T. Jones)
Commissioner Jones said this was an item he wished to bring back in order to find out what has been done with the survey completed some months ago. He referred to a survey done by East Bay Regional Parks (EBRP) and has used it a lot in various ways. He was hoping that staff would come back and tell them what has been done with the survey they had also completed and how it could be used to obtain citizen involvement and gain a support program from citizens. Mac Kaiser, Recreation Supervisor responded that the responses in the survey outlined what the residents were looking for in the community. Commissioner Jones would like to see these results used as a tool to generate response and citizen interest and support for the programs mentioned in the survey. Chairperson Rodrigues asked if there could be a follow up report at the next meeting. This could include some of the specifics that have been addressed by the staff and Parks and Recreation Department. He commented on how well EBRP has used their survey and would like to have their public affairs person possibly come to a Commission meeting and explain what they have done.

8. DISCUSSION ITEM Assign Commissioners to subcommittee to discuss issues at Creekside Park. (F. Errico)
Mr. Errico, Park Planner said he has received an email from a resident living near Creekside Park indicating some problems with young people using the amphitheater for skating and also using speed to project out over the amphitheater area. He mentioned he would like to see the gates closed to the amphitheater and whatever else could be done to reduce the problems. He also asked for more signage and for the Police Department do more patrolling. In response they have asked staff to install anti-skating units on the concrete area. They will close the gates for about a 3-month period to see what the reaction will be in the neighborhood. He also said that the park is pretty old as far as the play equipment is concerned, and his staff is working with the two Commissioners assigned to this park to evaluate what is working properly and what is not. They will then make an assessment of what things then need to be changed so it can then be scheduled as a CIP project to improve the area. He also said that in response the citizens input this evening regarding the swings, that will also be addressed at that time. Chairperson Rodrigues said that they need to assign two Commissioners to work with staff on this park and its issues. The entire park will have to be surveyed as to use, concrete needs to be repaired or replaced and a total rejuvenation planned. Commissioner Jones and Myers were assigned to this project after volunteering since they live in the area.

Mr. Migay asked whether they would be installing bathrooms where it looked as though they had planned to at one time and concrete was poured.

Mr. Errico will call the assigned Commissioners within the next two weeks to go out and assess the park with him.

9. DISCUSSION ITEM Follow-up discussion to social with East Bay Regional Park District from June 21, 2006. (E. Rodrigues)
Chairperson Rodrigues said that the Commissioners received a lot of “kudos” from the participants and they really enjoyed coming out to Brentwood. He has asked Mr. Bronzan to discuss this with the Commission and also plan a joint meeting with the EBRPD. Director Bronzan responded by saying that if the Commission wishes to hold such a meeting it would have to be held in Brentwood. He also discussed questions that the Commission would like to have discussed with the EBRPD Board. He discussed the history of Brentwood building our own trails system and collaborations that the EBRPD has with other surrounding cities and the county. He asked the Commissioners what they would like to accomplish with a joint meeting. Chairperson Rodrigues commented on his previous relationship with the EBRPD how he would like to gain an understanding of what and how their plans would fit with Brentwood’s plan. Director Bronzan said that his staff meets quarterly with EBRP persons Jim Townsend and Jimmy Perkins. They then review their status of trails along with Brentwood’s status of trails. They work together on standards at these meetings. He said they could bring some of those presentations to the Commission. He suggested that the Commissioners invite the representative from EBRPD, Ted Radke, for this area to come to a Commission meeting and give a presentation. After some further discussion with the Commissioners and Director Bronzan, Director Bronzan suggested having Jim Townsend come to a Commission meeting in fall 2006 and then annually give the Commissioners a presentation on what is happening at Marsh Creek Trail and the Vineyards project. Director Bronzan will move forward with bringing Mr. Radke to a meeting and also Mr. Townsend at a later date.


Ms. Homan, Administrative Supervisor reminded the Commissioners that the new rules regarding travel and overnight stay must have approval by the City Council in advance. Therefore if there are plans for such trips, they must have that information far enough in advance to bring it before the City Council. She also said that the NRPA was approved at the June 27, 2006 City Council meeting.

Commissioner Myers commented on Item #6 in the Consent Calendar. She commented on Director Bronzan’s report regarding when to bring items on the parks back to the Commission, should significant changes to the design be made. Director Bronzan indicated that we would have a presentation by Municipal Pooling Authority (risk management) at the August meeting. She wondered if at this August meeting it would be appropriate to bring back the discussion on Rainbow’s End Park. Director Bronzan said she could bring it back in July if she wished. She also was uncomfortable with the water element at Cedarwood Park. Director Bronzan said these projects have been written up by Risk Management and there will be a status report at the July meeting and she can then decide if she wants more discussion after reading the status report.

Commissioner Jones commented on the new dog park, King Park and says it is very busy and well accepted. He commented on a wet area in the middle of the dog play area, he has used the park very often and finds this a problem. Director Bronzan said that this was due to a faulty sprinkler which has been repaired. He said most comments are that it is overdue and they need more.

Chairperson Rodrigues commented on the Veterans Park and that this coming weekend Councilman Taylor is sponsoring a rose gathering at the element. So anyone can bring their roses and gardeners will arrange them to be on display for the Fourth of July. He said they are still receiving great comments on the Veterans Park element.

Update on survey of residents
Update on Creekside Park
Report on changes on Rainbow’s End Park and Cedarwood Park
East Bay Regional Parks District presentation on their survey

Meeting adjourned at 8:27 p.m. by Chairperson Rodrigues.

Respectfully submitted,

Betty Jo Whincup
Minutes Recorder

City of Brentwood Park and Recreation Commission
35 Oak Street
Brentwood, CA 94513
(925) 516-5444
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