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Meeting Minutes
August 23, 2007 at 7 p.m.
City Council Chamber
734 Third Street
Brentwood, CA 94513

CALL TO ORDER: Chairperson Myers called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

ROLL CALL: Present were Chair Sandra Myers, Vice Chair Lanny Brown and Commissioners Jan Melloni (arrived at 7:07 pm), and Ernie Rodrigues. Staff members present were Ken De Silva, Landscape/Facilities Manager; Tom Burt, Recreation Supervisor; Poldina Scherff, Recreation Manager; Edie Keller, Administrative Supervisor; and Felix Errico, Parks Planner.



1. Approve minutes of regular meeting of July 26, 2007.
• Pulled by Chair Myers for clarification on minutes, item #8 first line of paragraph.
• Ken De Silva clarified and said that sentence is correct.

2. Accept Recreation Division monthly report and Recreation Manager project status report. (P. Scherff)
3. Accept Parks Division monthly report. (R. Stromgren)
4. Accept CIP Project Status Reports. (K. De Silva)
5. Accept results of Ellis & Associates audit of the Brentwood Family Aquatics Complex. (M. Kaiser)

 Motion to approve items 2 – 5.
Motioned: Rodrigues
Second: Brown
Ayes: 3
Noes: 0
Excused: 1 (Hofstadt)
Absent: 1 (Melloni)

 Motion to approve item 1.
Motioned: Myers
Second: Brown
Ayes: 3
Noes: 0
Excused: 1 (Hofstadt)
Absent: 1 (Melloni)

6. Discuss Field and Facility Use Procedure/Policy for athletic field facility use by affiliated
and non-affiliated user groups. (T. Burt)

Tom Burt, Recreation Supervisor, informed the Commission that this item would be under review by the City Attorney. This item has been presented and discussed with the Commission previously therefore no further discussion was deemed necessary. However, Tom Burt did give an update regarding this matter. He mentioned that that there were three tackle football organizations that applied for field use but their applications would be given to the appropriate school district for processing. Unfortunately, our fields were not designed for tackle football.

Commissioner Rodrigues wondered if there a system is in place if we had to shut down the fields for maintenance. Tom Burt said he and Roger have worked out a field closure outline for maintenance purposes. Tom Burt confirmed that the fields do need their down time and he is trying to come up with a policy and standard that may work. With time, a system will be in place where certain months are designated for maintenance. By shutting down the field usage, the Parks staff hopes that it will take the wear pattern out of the fields.

Commissioner Rodrigues inquired about how players are notified when the fields are closed due to rain. Tom explained that there is a Rain Out Hotline phone number on the website and it is updated by 3:00 pm that day which would indicate whether the fields are open, closed, or determined at the game. Commissioner Rodrigues would like an update after the City Attorney had time to review the Facility/Field Use Procedure/Policy.

Tom Burt reiterated a comment he has made previously; these changes are because of the kids. This matter truly is about the kids and allowing them use of the fields.

7. Approve appointment of Eileen Hofstadt, Bill Harris and Mayor Bob Taylor or his designee to serve on the Playful City USA Subcommittee. (P. Scherff)

Poldina Scherff, Recreation Manager briefly reviewed what Playful Day would be. This day is to be designated for a day of play and encouraging kids to get out and be active. This subcommittee would assist in planning for this special day.

 Motion to approve the appointment of Eileen Hofstadt, Bill Harris and Mayor Taylor or his designee to serve on the Playful City USA Subcommittee.

motioned: Brown
Second: Melloni
Ayes: 3
Noes: 0
Excused: 2 (Hofstadt, Rodrigues stepped out momentarily)

8. Approve final schematic for McClarren Park improvements. (F. Errico)

Felix Errico, Parks Planner, gave a brief re-cap regarding McClarren Park. The play structure was vandalized and has been removed from the park. On May 24, 2007, a neighborhood meeting was held at McClarren Park and Phil Abey with Abey Arnold Associates came and presented three conceptual plans for this park. Phil Abey is here tonight in hopes of getting a final schematic approved. With this final plan, Phil addressed most of the concerns and comments made by the Commission and residents.

Phil Abey gave a recap of the three concept plans. Concept 1 replaces the play structure; concept 2, the play structure would move to the back of the park, relocating the basketball court to the front of the park; concept 3, the play structure would be placed towards the front of the park, and basketball court will remain towards the back of the park.

The final concept plan matches more closely to concept 3. Phil Abey reported the consensus are the need for a pathway which allow for police vehicles to drive through, better lighting, and possible surveillance components to monitor the activity of the park. The need for having a restroom available was favorable as well. The perimeter of the park will be used as a walking path.

Phil Abey said the overall plan would consist of the following. He plans to keep the existing trees out there to obtain optimum shade in the near future. The block wall that residents would like to see along their fence line may not be possible due to the cost factor. To possibly better improve the problems with kids hiding behind the shrubs and bushes along the fence line would be to clean out the under growth of trees shrubs. There will be a lot of clean up along the County road. Phil would like to keep the back of the park as open space for open play. Also in the plan included a two stall restroom by the kids play structure for convenience. Nearby the play structure would be a sand play area for the smaller kids and some climbing apparatus. There would be groundcover near the sand play area to contain the sand from going onto the cement. Areas with picnic tables would include some type of canopy structure overhead. Phil Abey will be looking into better lighting fixtures and surveillance tools

Public Comment opened:

Tod Nobriga, resident, inquired about the fence issue. He would like to like to see the wall put up between the park and the homes neighboring the park. He sees this wall as a way of protecting the homes from fires. He does not see a wooden fence doing much good. He also asked if the service road would be wide enough for police cars or maintenance cars and it was answered yes, it would fit both types of vehicles. Phil Abey replied and said that the cement wall hasn’t been completely dismissed and still possible but the cost of the wall will put the budget over. Mr. Nobriga said he has surveyed the neighbors around Sherwood Drive and Southwood Drive and only one family said they would not want that wall.

Mark Sargent, resident, said he sees nice parks with walkways but couldn’t parts of it be leveled and a backstop be put in. Phil Abey said this park was not made for structured baseball play. Mr. Sargent said with various improvements made to parks, not many people use them but instead kids need more fields to play on. He is sad that there are not many fields for use and no space to practice.

Andrew Hernand, resident of 42 years, informed the Commissioners that the issue of speeders going down the street and the lack of capacity for more cars. Mr. Hernand would very much like to see some type of surveillance camera in the area. Even with the existing curfew rule, he sees a lot of drug activity from his home. He inquired about how many parks now have cameras and it was said Veteran Parks, Skate Park, and City Park. Ken De Silva mentioned that this matter is under review as ACLU has challenged areas regarding this. Phil Abey said if the park is full of people that may be a deterrence in itself. Chair Myers encouraged Mr. Hernand to attend a meeting where Lt. Hansen from the Police Department will be present and to call the police to report unusual activities.

Terry Shinn, resident, said kids are coming from the homes along Orchard and are behaving suspiciously. With the service road there, it will allow the cops to drive through and monitor that area. Commissioner Melloni suggested putting a lot of lighting in areas that appear to harbor more unusual activity than normal. Ms. Shinn mentioned also many loud parties take place from the houses along Orchard.

Public Comment Closed

Commissioner Melloni has experienced issues that Ms. Shinn spoke of and suggested confronting the “suspects” in a group. Ken De Silva mentioned the possibility of forming a neighborhood watch. Commissioner Rodrigues said times have changed and not sure if confronting the “suspects” would be wise. Commissioner Rodrigues would not want to see any residents endangered.
Chair Myers said she realizes that lighting and cameras can’t solve all bad issues right now but it may in the future.

Commissioner Rodrigues inquired about the restrooms and whether they flush. He also mentioned to have the neighbors keep a watchful eye and contact the police whenever necessary.

Commissioner Melloni asked what a pre-fab restroom is, whether it is just a hole in the ground or with plumbing. Ken De Silva said they flush and are quite sanitary. Commissioner Melloni asked if Police Department will have input on where the lights should go and it was replied that they would.

Chair Myers asked how the public cars would be kept off of the service road. Ken De Silva said that there might be removable bollards. Commissioner Melloni commented that in the past the Fire Department had issues with their keys and removing the bollards.

Chair Myers said surveillance cameras are the way to go as it’s being done by the City of Pittsburg. Ken De Silva mentioned still cameras that are motioned censored within 100 – 150 feet and it has a programmed voice that suggests they move away or else a picture would be taken of them.

*Chair Myers had some changes and closing remarks for this item:
- The informal play needs to be leveled for simple practice however Phil Abey said there is a slope there so that the water can drain;
- Would like to have benches by basketball court underneath some trees;
- Disappointed with the size of the play apparatus and said many mom groups use this area and it’s great for school age group but not so well for the kids ages 2 – 5. This area needs to be revamped;
- Eliminate parts of the walkway to accommodate for a larger play apparatus;
- Would like to change the sand play area to include a seating area and water play;
- Would like to have a water fountain be included but away from the sand area;
- Addition of canopy over sand area because when it’s get over 75 degrees, the sand gets extremely hot to the touch;
- With any water play feature, make sure the button is not hard to push;
- Felt that there is a great loss of an element that use to be a huge thing with this park;
- The park needs to be designed to accommodate the 2 – 5 year olds.

Phil Abey is not sure what amount of money is available at this time but for the play area there is only $125,000. Chair Myers does not want this project done half way. If it will be done half way then she doesn’t feel the need to have this done at all during this time.

 Motion to approve this item with the changes noted above*.
Motioned: Brown
Second: Rodrigues
Ayes: 4
Noes: 0
Excused: 1 (Hofstadt)

9. Discuss September 15, 2007 Parks & Recreation Commission Workshop Agenda. (K. De Silva)

Ken De Silva asked if there are any changed or additions to the agenda for the Workshop Agenda.


Ken De Silva, Landscape/Facilities Manager, mentioned that intern Joel Monahan has completed the trail inventory. Ken De Silva has seen the first rendition and a couple things would be added. A presentation will be made on September 15, 2007, Joe’s last day with the City of Brentwood. Joel will complete his internship by working the Marsh Creek Clean Up. Chair Myers invited him for lunch and during lunchtime, it was suggested that he make his presentation.

Poldina Scherff, Recreation Manager mentioned that the last concert will be on August 31, 2007 and the concert on August 24, 2007 would be Locals Night. She also mentioned that the upcoming weekend would be busy at Sunset Park. Punt, Pass and Kick and Flag Football programs will be starting.

Felix Errico, Parks Planner, said he has been researching new trees and shrubs for planting along Brentwood Boulevard. In October, tentatively there will be another Nail Property meeting with Phil Abey. Felix also mentioned that on August 29, 2007, there would be a walkabout with an Arborist around City Park before the Civic Center Workshop. The walkabout was planned for 5:30 pm.

Commissioner Brown was curious as to the number of people who swim recreationally. Poldina Scherff informed the Commissioners that the annual report would be out soon.

Chair Myers said that many of the Commissioners would not be able to attend the September Park & Recreation Commission Meeting due to an upcoming conference. The meeting would need to be moved to another date since there would not be a quorum. The September Parks & Recreation Commission meeting could not be cancelled at this current meeting since it did not appear on the agenda. This matter was discussed briefly and it was decided that a special meeting would be held prior to the Workshop to cancel the September meeting.

Chair Myers would like the subcommittee for City Park to attend this particular walkabout event and give their input if possible. She sees the importance of getting involved in this matter. They may put in a water element or even bigger park structure and it’s vital that we’re there to see what will be discussed or planned.


Chair Myers adjourned the meeting at 8:45 pm.

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