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Park & Rec Meeting Minutes - June 26, 2008
Meeting Minutes
June 26, 2008 at 7 p.m.
City Council Chamber
734 Third Street
Brentwood, CA 94513

CALL TO ORDER: Chairperson Brown called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.

Moment of silence was observed in memory of the beloved Brentwood Community Band Conductor Mr. Bruce Stuart. Commissioner Rodrigues expressed some heartfelt words in remembrance of the dedication and love of music that was shared throughout the Community. Mr. Stuart was a dear friend to the Park and Recreation Department and had given a great performance at the dedication of the Veterans Park. Mr. Stuart will be dearly missed and remembered fondly.

ROLL CALL: Present were Chair Lanny Brown, Vice Chair Eileen Hofstadt, and Commissioners Sandra Myers, and Ernie Rodrigues. Commissioner Jan Melloni was excused. Staff members present were Poldina Scherff, Recreation Manager; Roger Stromgren; Landscape/Facilities Supervisor; and Edie Keller, Administrative Supervisor.



1. Approve minutes of regular meeting of May 22, 2008.
2. Accept Recreation Division monthly report and Recreation Manager project status report. (P. Scherff)
3. Accept Parks Division monthly report. (B. Margesson)
4. Accept results of Ellis & Associates audit of the Brentwood Family Aquatics Complex. (M. Kaiser)

 Motion to approve consent calendar.
Motioned: Rodrigues
Second: Hofstadt
Ayes: 4
Noes: 0
Excused: 1 (Melloni)

5. Subcommittee to discuss their decisions regarding Apple Hill Park play structure design and request Commission to approve taking it forward to City Council for their approval. (B. Margesson)

 Item pulled by Chair Brown. Item will be brought back at a later meeting.

6. Discuss the status of the parks that are in development. (P. Scherff)

Poldina Scherff, Recreation Manager, reviewed a spreadsheet with a list of Parks in progress in the City. The columns and rows were reviewed on this spreadsheet. Francisco Rivera from Community Development said through an email that Blue Goose Park will be at least 30 days out and there are no plans for parks at Barrington Development.

Commissioner Myers inquired about the water feature at Blue Goose Park. She wondered whether the water test was done and if it drains properly. Roger Stromgren, Landscape/Facilities Supervisor, said Francisco Rivera will be setting up the water test, and the playground installation needs to be certified. The water features also need to be inspected; therefore, it has not been turned on yet. There are other set backs at this time that needs to be corrected. A major issue right now is correcting the Handicap Ramps and making sure the degree of slope is correct and in compliant with ADA.

Vice Chair Hofstadt asked whether these modifications of the ramps will ruin the existing sod and Roger Stromgren said probably on the portions along the edge.

Commissioner Rodrigues commented on a job well done with the spreadsheet. Poldina Scherff said this spreadsheet was compiled and done by Linda Stadlbauer. Commissioner Rodrigues noticed that not too many parks are being worked on this year with the exception of Summerset Park and the parks in the Prewett Ranch development.

Chair Brown inquired about the Barrington Development. Roger Stromgren said they did end up selling that land.

Roger Stromgren, Landscape/Facilities Manager, said he is glad to be here. Commissioner Myers inquired about his current employment status. Roger mentioned that he is going through a background check with the new position he has applied for, Landscape/Facilities Manager. Roger hopes to have the background check completed upon his return from a two week vacation.

Poldina Scherff, Recreation Manager, would like the Commission to read at their leisure a letter that Craig Bronzan, Director of Parks & Recreation Department wrote in response to East Contra Costa Historical Society about the Nail Property. She mentioned this Item will be brought back at a later time. Poldina also mentioned some other programs that are in full swing.

Concerts in the Park started out with a bang by having a Multi Cultural Event concert, on June 21. This was a great success that brought out a great amount of people in the Community. Olivia Alvarez did a fantastic job putting this event together.

Swim lessons are going well and day camps are filling up fast. Adult Summer Softball League is starting up and bigger than ever.

Senior Adult Activity Center is going well and pictures along with updates are on the internet for viewing.

Vice Char Hofstadt said Playful City Committee recently had a meeting. There will be an event on Friday, July 25 from 4 – 6 pm in the City Park prior to the Concert for some old fashion “play”. This event will encourage people to get out and play with hoola hoops, bubbles, and just having fun outdoors without any structure. She mentioned trying to promote “play” in the upcoming activities guides and spreading the idea of “play” into the City.

Vice Chair Hofstadt did mention a concern of the recent weather hazards and whether staff is addressing this matter with the adults/children since activities are still taking place. Poldina Scherff commented that staff is trained to deal with any issues that may arise and there are also information out there should anyone need it. Vice Chair Hofstadt was very concerned with the ongoing play that still remains outdoors while the air quality remains bad.

Commissioner Rodrigues said a recent visitor from the East Coast came and attended a Summerset Veterans Meeting. He took a tour of the Veterans Park and was quite impressed. He also liked the new Senior Activity Center that is going up. Commissioner Rodrigues thanked Roger Stromgren for the wonderful work done on the roses and brick element at Veterans Park. He hopes to see if a National Award could be sought out. Commissioner Rodrigues spoke about possibly having a small memorial for those that we have lost in the City. He looks forward to the dedication of the Senior Activity Center in the near future.

Commissioner Myers said Commissioner Rodrigues and her attended the recent East Bay Regional Park District meeting. During the November election, there will be a $500 million bond initiative that must be approved by two-thirds of voters in Alameda County and Contra Costa counties. 25% of the revnue will be funded back to the local parks and recreation projects.

She also mentioned the opening of the Baypoint Shoreline Park. Unfortunately, the night before the opening an incident with over 100 broken bottles took place, and clean up had to be done immediately. They had some new pre-fab portable toilets that were quite nice. She said these toilets had one hole in it and that was all that was in it but it’s affordable, don’t smell, and cleaned once every six months or so. She suggested our Department should check them out and see if that is something the Parks in the City could utilize.

Commissioner Rodrigues said it important that we support this bond. He has asked a representative from the EBRPD to come to the Park & Recreation Commission meeting and Summerset to talk about this bond measure. Vice Chair Hofstadt said that anyone can subscribe to the newsletter to learn more about this bond issue and anything else about Parks. Commissioner Rodrigues commented that the Governor of California has decided not to shut down the major State Parks which will be great for those that are traveling less and want to do something more local.

Chair Brown inquired about what is happening with Cornfest and whether they are in need for any volunteers. He said he wouldn’t mind being there Friday night to assist. He has always had a good time during that event. Poldina Scherff mentioned that Chair Brown could work with her during her time slot.


Meeting was adjourned at 7:32 p.m.

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