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Park & Rec Commission Minutes - Oct. 22, 2009
Meeting Minutes

January 28, 2010 at 7 p.m.
Council Chambers
101B Sand Creek Road
Brentwood, CA 94513

CALL TO ORDER: Chair Hofstadt called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.

ROLL CALL: Present were Chair Hofstadt, Vice Chair Ernie Rodrigues and Commissioners Blythe Lind, Lanny Brown and Sandra Myers. Staff members present were Craig Bronzan, Director, Roger Stromgren, Landscape/Facilities Manager; Poldina Scherff, Recreation Manager; Mac Kaiser, Recreation Supervisor; Edie Keller, Administrative Supervisor and Linda Stadlbauer, Administrative Assistant II.



1. Approve minutes of regular meeting of December 17, 2009.
2. Accept Recreation Division Quarterly Report and Recreation Manager project status report.
(P. Scherff)
3. Accept Parks Division monthly report. (B. Margesson)
4. Accept Landscape Division monthly report. (A. Wanden)
5. Accept the information report on recent US Lifeguard Standards Coalition. (M. Kaiser)

 Motion to approve items 1-5 of Consent Calendar.
Motioned: Rodrigues
Second: Lind
Ayes: 5
Noes: 0

6. DISCUSSION ITEM: Review designs for City Park water feature elements and location (C. Bronzan)
Discussion included which option, A or B, was preferred by the Commission. Option B, with only two spray cannons, was chosen. Commissioners also requested that benches be located by the play equipment, and that the utility shed for supplies and the equipment be well screened from the public eye. Director Bronzan confirmed that there was enough money in the budget for the water feature, designed by Aquatic Design, due to the $16 million that was saved on the low main bid for the Civic Center, if approved by City Council. It was agreed that there needs to be sufficient fencing to protect other park goers from enthusiastic water feature users. Other concerns include possible staffing during special events, displaying a maximum occupancy sign, the length of spray for the features and staff’s ability to limit the hours of the water features, especially during events like the concerts. Staff would like the Parks and Recreation Commission to be represented when these considerations go to City Council for acceptance.

7. ACTION ITEM: Accept and file the City of Brentwood Park Maintenance Standards (R. Stromgren)
Roger Stromgren presented his staff report specifically Section 11, Paved Surfaces. This new section addresses guidelines for routine crack sealing and slurry sealing on an annual review, and schedule for sealing every 5 years.

 Motion to approve Item 7 of Scheduled Matters
Motioned: Brown
Second: Myers
Ayes: 5
Noes: 0

8. ACTION ITEM: Election of Officers. (E. Keller)

Chair Hofstadt announced that Ernie Rodrigues is the incoming Chair position. Ernie Rodrigues then motioned that Blythe Lind be elected Vice Chair. Lanny Brown seconded the motion.

 Motion to approve Item 8 of Scheduled Matters and forward to City Council for approval.
Motioned: Rodrigues
Second: Brown
Ayes: 5
Noes: 0

Commissioner Hofstadt inquired if there was any tradition for departing Commissioners. Craig Bronzan replied that they are acknowledged at the following Commission and City Council meeting. Sandra Myers declined to attend the City Council Meeting, but would be there for the Parks and Recreation Commission meeting in February. She complimented the Commission and the staff as being the hardest working personnel of the City.

Poldina Scherff informed the Commission that this is the 10th anniversary for the Brentwood Family Aquatic Center, and that the Aquatic Center will re-open for lap swim on February 1. We will have a new scanner for lap swim admission cards to streamline the admission process. Mac Kaiser clarified that the scanner will only be used for lap swim currently, but may also be adapted for recreation swim. Poldina Scherff also announced that the special needs Valentine’s Dance will be on February 12.

Roger Stromgren informed the Commission that McClarren Park is almost finished; the safety surface just needs to be installed. Commissioner Hofstadt commented that it would be nice to have an Opening Day Celebration. Mr. Stromgren also informed the Commission that Blue Goose Park’s water feature area will be fenced off in February in order to repair the sewer lines. The rest of the park will remain open. Summerwood Park’s play equipment will be installed around April or May of this year. The shade for Orchard Park is in Houston for repair and will be installed before the hot weather.

Edie Keller thanked Commissioner Myers for her dedication, congratulated Blythe Lind on the Vice Chair position, and welcomed Alyssa Madden to the Commission. Mayor Taylor will attend the next Park and Recreation Commission to swear in the new officers. Business cards can be ordered if needed.

Craig Bronzan informed the Commission about the projects/awards that the department is involved in, including being part of the “Bicycle Safe Communities”, “Playful Cities”, “Healthy Eating and Living Communities”, “Best Streets”, Earth Day activities, and our own Wellness Policy.

Chair Rodrigues thanked Commissioner Myers for all of her hard work and dedication, and wished her well in future pursuits. He thanked Commissioner Hofstadt for her hard work as Chair and her dedication to the Commission, and that he looked forward to the coming year. He complimented Craig Bronzan for receiving the Outstanding Professional Award in California, and the staff at the City as being the best.

Chair Rodrigues also inquired about the status of vandalism in the parks. Roger Stromgren responded that there were small fires set on equipment at Amber Park, as well as at Cortona Park, but that the cost was relatively low. The more expensive damage has been copper theft in parks and the street lights.

Commissioner Hofstadt commented that she would like to see the Parks and Recreation Department better publicized for all of the activities and awards that Craig Bronzan spoke of. She also informed the Commission that she will be attending the February meeting.

Vice Chair Lind thanked Commissioner Myers and all the Commissioners for a great first year, and informed the Commission that the Senior Meeting will be moving to the second Tuesday of the month.

Commissioner Brown made the suggestion that the classes in the Activities Guide start a couple weeks later than the one week after publication to allow for timely customer signups.

Commissioner Myers offered her assistance to the Commission in the future, and would like to remain in contact with staff and on the distribution list for Commission packets. To the Parks and Recreations staff, she commented that it would be nice to have the Aquatic Pumpkin patch continue.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:15 p.m.

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