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What is a Code Violation?

Our neighborhoods are the environment in which we live and raise our families. Blight and nuisances can devalue, detract and degrade the quality of any neighborhood. Recognizing the importance of protecting the home environment, the City has adopted codes that govern the use and maintenance of private property.

While many of the City's codes deal with private residential property, there are codes that regulate the condition of commercial properties as well.

What is Not a Code Violation?

Your valuable tax dollars are at work, and we want to expend our resources appropriately and efficiently. There are some neighborhood problems that do not fall under our jurisdiction. In general, we can act on behalf of the public at large - we cannot take action on behalf of one citizen against another. Also we cannot enforce CC&R's (Covenants, Codes & Restrictions). CC&R's should be enforced through a neighborhood homeowners association, or a civil suit can be filed.

Permits are Required
Do I need a permit?

Before and After

RV and garbage container in public view’

No Code Violation
Without Violation

Code Enforcement Officers

Senior Code Enforcement Officer
Berenice Arteaga
(925) 516-5405

Code Enforcement Officer II
Roberta Bienemann

Code Enforcement Officer II
Laurie Monte
(925) 516-5405

Code Enforcement Officer I
Laura Stewart
(925) 516-5405

What is the Code Enforcement Program?
The Code Enforcement Program helps keep the City of Brentwood a healthy, safe, clean, and attractive place to live and work. City Staff work with residents to take an active role in improving and maintaining the quality of life of their neighborhoods, as well as maintaining property values.

Code Tips
Process A Complaint
Municipal Code
Municipal Code - Complete
Important Phone Numbers
Rental Property Inspection Program

Broken Car

What can I do to help?

Take a look at YOUR property. Make sure you don't have any hazards or potential violations such as: weeds, garbage, graffiti, litter, junk, debris, illegal signs, discarded furniture, discarded appliances and inoperable vehicles. Boats, trailers or other recreational vehicles should be stored behind a 6 foot solid fence, out of public view.

Be A Good Neighbor!

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