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Where can I find information about affordable housing programs?
The City of Brentwood's Affordable Housing Program and First Time Homebuyer Assistance Program offers assistance to persons/families that wish to purchase their first home and qualify under the income guidelines. For additional information on City programs, please contact the Housing Division (925) 516-5405. Information for other affordable housing programs are are available under Additional Resources.

How can I qualify for the program?
You must be a first time home buyer (if you currently own a home, or have owned a home in the State of California during the past three years you do not qualify) and your household income must qualify (see income guidelines). Those persons/families that qualify will be asked to fill out an application to be placed on the interest/waiting list---Note: The list must be open before any application can be accepted.

How do I get on the affordable housing list?
An application must be filled out by persons who qualify under Affordable Housing Program guidelines (see income guidelines and Affordable Housing Program Information). Applications for open interest/waiting lists will be available at the Community Development Department, Housing Division, 118 Oak Street, Brentwood or by telephoning (925) 516-5405.

What is the process?
The following is the process to participant in the City's Affordable Housing Program:

  • You must qualify under the income guidelines, and you must be a first time homebuyer (cannot currently own a home or have owned a home for the past three (3) years;
  • Interest/Waiting list for specific category (Very Low-, Low, Moderate) must be open;
  • Fill out application (your information will be verified);
  • Qualified applicants will be placed on interest/waiting list (each list may -- be have an approximate waiting period of 1-5 years);
  • When it is determined that affordable units will become available, applicants will be selected (may be subject to “lottery” selection) and invited to attend a “mandatory seminar”;
  • Applicant completes the mandatory seminar (and other qualifying factors) and is placed on an eligibility list;
  • When a unit is available for purchase, the eligible participant will continue their process in purchasing the unit.
For more information, please contact the Housing Division (925) 516-5405.

How much do the homes cost?
Please see the maximum affordable sales prices on the income guideline sheet. The information is subject to change , and is updated annually (April).

Are there restrictions on these homes?
Yes. Two of the main restrictions are; a) you must be a first time homebuyer, b) a 45-year deed restriction is placed on all of the City's affordable housing program units. Other restrictions also apply. Please see a copy the City's Resale and Refinance Agreement.

Are all the homes in the affordable housing program “single family homes”?
No. Homes for purchase under the City’s affordable housing program may be single family homes, condominiums or townhomes.

Are these Section 8 homes?
No. Section 8 is a county program and not part of the City’s affordable housing program.

What kind of finance assistance does the City offer for first time homebuyers?
The City will offer the following downpayment/loan programs to qualifying persons/families: NOTE: Certain programs will be avilable in Fall/Winter 2005.

  • Downpayment Assistance Program (DAP) to first time homebuyers purchasing a “market rate” home in Brentwood with additional assistance up $50,000 in order to provide a larger downpayment contribution.
  • Gap Assistance for the Affordable Housing Program (GAP) to first time homebuyers purchasing affordable homes through the City’s Affordable Housing Program by providing additional assistance up to $35,000 for closing costs or downpayment. More information and availability date is forthcoming. Please check back soon.
  • Individual Development Accounts (IDA) which promotes saving for homeownership in Brentwood for very low and low income households by providing matching loan funds up to $10,000 on a 2 for 1 basis for each dollar saved. This program is for affordable housing program participants. More information and availability date is forthcoming. Please check back soon.

I don’t live or work in Brentwood. What is available for me?
Persons/families who do not live or work in Brentwood are welcome to apply for the affordable housing program that the City offers. However, the City's Housing Ordinance gives certain preference to persons/families living and working in Brentwood. Any home purchased through any of the City's housing programs must be within the City of Brentwood city limits. (Please see Housing Ordinance)

What kind of affordable housing opportunities are available for seniors?
Please see the "Senior Housing" section under Additional Resources.

Does the City have a rental program for qualifying persons/families?
Yes. The City is accepting applications for the affordable housing program’s rental program for persons/families that qualify under the income guidelines. Please see current rental information. Rental information/amounts are subject to change annually. Participants are subject to an annual income verification to continue their participation in the program.

Please contact the Housing Division (925) 516-5405 for more information on the City's rental program and an application.

Are there any other affordable housing programs outside of City of Brentwood’s affordable housing program?
Yes. Please see the “ Additional Resources” section.

Please contact the City's Housing Division for any additional questions regarding the City of Brentwood's Affordable Housing Program and First Time Homebuyer Assistance Program (925) 516-5405.

Thank you for your interest in the City of Brentwood's Affordable Housing Program.

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