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What can I do to lower my bill?
While it sounds like an obvious answer, the simplest way to reduce your water bill - and conserve an important resource - is to use less water. Here are some simple things to do that will help:
Reduce irrigation. Most people over-water turf and plants. In the winter, spring and fall plants require approximately half the water needed in the hot summer months.
Water lawns no more then 2 times per week. On hot days about 40% of water used in irrigation will evaporate.
Use drought tolerant or low water need plants. This can save as much as 1500 gallons of water per year.
Shut off water when shaving or brushing teeth. This can save at least 10 gallons of water per day.
Run dishwashers and washing machines for full loads only.
Repair or replace leaky faucets. The average leaky faucet wastes at least 5 gallons of water per day.
Repair or replace leaky toilets. A leaky toilet wastes approximately 40 gallons of water per day.
Cover swimming pools when not in use. Evaporation from uncovered pools can waste as much as 3,000 gallons per month through evaporation.
Water Drip Calculator
How much water is wasted on drips?
Estimation Only

Count the number of drips in one minute from the area that is leaking:

Enter number of drips per minute into the box below and click Calculate.
Gallons of water wasted per DAY
Gallons of water wasted per MONTH
Gallons of water wasted per YEAR

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