Upcoming Public Art Projects

Liberty High School Public Art and Design Academy (PADA) started working on the Mixed Media Mural “Yokut Landscaping” on all four walls of the restroom building located at Oak Meadow Park (180 Crawford Drive) in early February.  On November 15, 2016, City Council approved the mixed media mural with colored glass tile with a “Yokut Landscape” theme reflecting the heritage of the delta region.  This is the sixth project that the graduating senior art students have provided for the City.  The most recent was the five mosaic animal/sport sculptures project that was completed at Sunset Park Athletic Complex last year.

The students expect to have the project completed by the end of May 2017.  Students will be working on the project Monday – Friday from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. and some weekends as needed.

Project concept: