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LAST UPDATED MAY 04, 2020 AT 4:00  P.M.

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Emergency Order 20-01 - City Operations (added 4-03-2020)

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City Council Resolution - Funding for Community Resource Organizations (added 4/22/2020)

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As you may know, federal, state, and local governments are all working to respond to the threat posed by the novel coronavirus (“COVID-19”).  As the City takes steps to implement these measures, some members of the City of Brentwood workforce will not be reporting to their usual places of work and may have limited or no email access and may not receive or respond to your message as quickly as usual. 

**For information regarding the Novel Coronavirus, please contact Contra Costa County Health Department at (925) 313-6120 or visit their website at

**Para informacion sobre Novel Coronavirus, porfavor de comunicarse a Contra Costa County Health Department al (925) 313-6120 o puede utilizar el sitio web


To mitigate the economic impacts caused by the COVID-9 pandemic, the City wants to highlight a variety of Local, State, and National programs and efforts:


Our nation is facing unprecedented challenges as we address the coronavirus outbreak. While this situation is still developing, we know with certainty that the virus is continuing to spread, and our main objective now is to slow it down. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued guidance to help curb the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) through a practice known as “social distancing,” which requires us to physically distance ourselves from one another by at least six feet. Additionally, Governor Newson has issued a statewide stay at home order, requiring Californians to remain in their homes unless they have an essential need

In an effort to comply and help reduce exposure, my offices in Stockton, Antioch and Washington, D.C. are closed to the public until further notice. All tours – including the U.S. Capitol, White House, Library of Congress, and Supreme Court – have been cancelled, and we are unable to process new requests at this time. Additionally, requests for internships at all three of my offices and requests for flags flown over the U.S. Capitol have been suspended until further notice.

I remain committed to continuing to provide constituent services in the safest way possible. Although my offices are not open to the public, my staff is teleworking and will continue to:

  • Receive and respond to telephone calls and electronic communications. Staff will be monitoring emails and regularly checking voicemail at all three offices. To contact my Stockton office, call (209) 476-8552.  To contact my Antioch office, call (925) 754-0716. To contact my Washington, D.C. office, call (202) 225-1947.
  • Provide casework assistance. Constituents needing assistance with federal government services will still be able to contact all three of my offices by phone and by email.
  • Respond to correspondence. Those wishing to weigh in on issues will still be able to contact me through my website
  • And provide important public health information and updates on actions taken by Congress. Information regarding the COVID-19 outbreak can be found on my website. Additionally, constituents can follow along with updates on my Facebook and Twitter accounts. For the most up-to-date information on the COVID-19 outbreak, please refer to the CDC's website

In Washington, we have passed two major pieces of legislation to combat this crisis. The first – an $8.3 billion funding package – will help states, communities, and federal agencies address public health needs by investing in preventative and response efforts, in addition to research for the development of a COVID-19 vaccine. The second bill passed, the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, includes two weeks of emergency paid sick leave and up to three months of paid family and medical leave. It also enhances unemployment insurance, increases funds for Medicaid, and strengthens our food security programs for those in need. This virus is affecting Americans’ health as well as our economy. That’s why we are working on a stimulus package to help Americans who are struggling during these challenging times.

As more cases are being detected at rapid speed, the actions we take not only affect ourselves and those around us, but they have a significant impact on the most vulnerable members of our community. It is important that we follow a science-based approach and adhere to the guidance laid out by experts. As Americans, it is critical that we remember the needs of others in our communities, especially seniors or people that may be in need of assistance. Our nation has come together in times of crisis, and this is no exception. I encourage everyone to take precautions to keep yourselves, your loved ones, and members of our community safe and healthy.

Key Resources

It is important to rely on trusted sources such as those listed above to stay informed. The COVID-19 outbreak is a developing situation, and information can become outdated quickly. For the most up-to-date information, please refer to the CDC's website.

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    The following facilities are CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC.  See detailed information below, sorted by Department, on how you can access City services



    Permit Center – The City’s Permit Center on the first floor of City Hall is closed to the public through May 31. During this period, staff will not be available to directly assist the public except as described below.

    Permits and Applications - The Contra Costa Health Officer’s New Shelter Order issued on April 29 now allows construction activities. In response, Community Development staff is accepting and processing Building and Planning permit applications, and will conduct field inspections – all while strictly maintaining required social distancing. Processing timeframes may be extended in order for staff to adhere to the County Health Officer’s COVID-19 orders. Here is a synopsis of how Community Development will process permits and applications under this new order, through May 31.

    Customers wanting to submit applications, plans, and documents at City Hall
    • Customers can still submit applications, plans, or documents to Community Development staff by email or through USPS or other delivery services.

    • Those customers needing to submit applications, plans, or documents directly at City Hall will have to follow these protocols:

      • Customers must set up an appointment time to submit application materials by leaving a message at (925) 516-5405 or emailing

      • Because City Hall is closed, the customer will not be able to enter the building.

      • At the main entrance door to City Hall, signs will direct customers to call (925) 516-5405.

      • The customer must wear a protective mouth covering when interacting with City staff.

      • A staff member, wearing a protective mouth covering and gloves, will greet the customer at the main door with a rolling cart.

      • The customer will place the documents in the cart.

      • Staff will inform the customer the documents will stay in the cart overnight and will not be handled by staff until the next day.

    • Customers may also set up an appointment time to submit application materials by calling the same number or e-mailing

    Customers wanting to receive applications, plans, and documents at City Hall

    • Customers can still receive applications, plans, or documents from Community Development staff by email or through USPS or other delivery services, as requested.

    • Those customers needing to receive applications, plans, or documents directly at City Hall will have to follow these protocols:

      • Customers must set up an appointment time to pick up approved permits by working with the staff member who issued their permit.

      • Because City Hall is closed, the customer will not be able to enter the building.

      • The customer must wear a protective mouth covering when interacting with City staff.

      • A staff member, wearing a protective mouth covering and gloves, will greet the customer at the main door with a rolling cart containing the customer’s documents.

      • The customer will then receive the documents from the cart.

    Building – Plan Checks and Inspections - Building inspectors will conduct plan checks and inspect construction work in the field. Customers needing direct assistance from Building staff will have to either call (925) 516-5405 or email: 

    Inspections may be scheduled through the City’s IVR by calling (925) 809-7930.

    Development Services - Development Services staff will continue to take in applications for permits remotely, either via computer or by mail. They will also be able to receive documents, as outlined above. Applications for all permit types will be reviewed and issued when all necessary conditions are met. For more information on permits and applications, customers are requested to either call (925) 516-5405 or email:

    Inspections may be scheduled through the City’s IVR by calling (925) 809-7930.


    Community Enrichment -Residents can report possible code violations through the City's Brentwood Connect application.  A link ot the app is:

    Housing - General questions regarding the City's affordable housing programs can be submitted either by calling (925) 516-5305 or by email at:

    Planning - Planning staff will be processing permit applications and plan checks.For any general planning or zoning related questions, customers need to call (925) 516-5404 or email:

    Passports - Appointments for the processing of any passports are cancelled through May 31st. Anyone who currently has a passport appointment prior to May 31st will need to reschedule their appointment on the City’s website. Anyone wishing to make a new appointment to process a passport should also go to the website to make an appointment. The link to the website is:


    Utility Payments

    • Payments will not be accepted in person during this time.
    • Methods of payment:
    • The drop boxes located at the Senior Center and Community Center will be closed during this time.
    • Staff will be available (8am – 5pm, Monday – Friday) at (925) 516-5415 or via email at for service requests, to take a payment over the phone, or for general questions regarding your account. 

    Business Licenses

    Accounts Payable – Accounts Payable will continue processing invoices. If you have questions about an invoice, please leave a message at (925) 516-5460 and your call will be returned within one business day.


    Small Business Assistance

    Asistencia Para Pequeñas Empresas

    Economic Development Division staff is available for business phone or e-mail consultations during the COVID-19 emergency shelter-in-place declaration.  Please contact any of the following to discuss any support the City can provide:

    Terence Grindall
    Assistant City Manager
    Peggy Berglund
    Senior Analyst
    Josh Ewen
    Senior Analyst

    To mitigate the economic impacts caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the City wants to highlight a variety of State and National programs and efforts to support small businesses and their workers.





    Staff will be available at (925) 516-5191 or to provide essential services to City employees and the public.


    In accordance with the latest Contra Costa Health Services requirements to minimize the spread of COVID-19, until further notice, the Public Works Corporation Yard will be closed to the general public. Despite this closure, essential Public Works staff will be working and available during normal business operation hours to respond to urgent phone messages. We want to assure our customers that our water treatment facilities, wastewater treatment facilities, garbage/recycling/green waste services, and critical street, traffic, and facility maintenance services will continue to operate to provide high quality essential services, and to protect the health and safety of our community.

    Construction projects (both private and public) will be allowed in accordance with the latest Order.  All construction projects must comply with the latest Contra Costa Health Services Construction Safety Protocols (see the following link for more information: ).

    Please see the following link for contact information:



        Facilities Closed:

      • Brentwood Community Center

      • Brentwood Senior Activity Center

      • Sunset Park Athletic Complex

      • Playgrounds, Picnic Areas, Dog Parks, and Restrooms within Parks


      Outdoor Activity on Trails, Parks, and Playgrounds:

      • Parks and trails remain open, however, according to Contra Costa Health Services, public or private gatherings occurring outside a household are prohibited. 
      • Skate Park is open and sports courts are open for household use only
      • The surfaces of playgrounds, benches, picnic tables etc. are not routinely sanitized. 
      • Restrooms will be closed at all parks. 
      • Please follow social distancing guidelines from Contra Costa Health Services regarding all outdoor activity.


      Administrative Services:

      • Parks and Recreation Department Voice Mail – (925) 516-5444

      Voice mails left at this number will be monitored regularly by Admin staff and routed accordingly.


      • Parks and Recreation Department Email –  Emails will be monitored regularly by staff and routed for response accordingly.

      • Until further notice, staff will no longer be collecting Utility Bill payments in the drop box at the Brentwood Senior Activity Center. Utility Bill payments should be dropped off at City Hall, 150 City Park Way.

      Parks Maintenance:

      • Routine landscape maintenance will continue to be performed by the City’s landscape maintenance and tree maintenance contractors.

      • Landscape Maintenance Work Orders received by phone or through the internet – Work orders will be routinely monitored by a member of the Parks Maintenance Division.  Employee will assess priority, assign task, and follow up accordingly. Emergency work orders can be called in to (925) 516-5444 by leaving a message and staff will promptly address the issue.

      Recreation Programming:

      • All cancellations for classes, programs, special events, and rental cancellations through June are already being communicated to renters, participants, and user groups.  As the date may be extended for facility closures and cancellations, Recreation Division staff will be in contact with those groups/renters/participants involved on an ongoing basis as updates for the shelter-in-place end-date become available.

      • Registrations for courses beginning in July can still be completed online at

      Commission Meetings:

      • Arts Commission, Park and Recreation Commission, Youth Commission, and Brentwood Neighborhood Committee meetings are cancelled until further notice.


      Registrations for courses with start dates after June 1st can still be completed online at ActiveNet Communities

      Stay active and engaged at home!  For senior resources and fun family activities, visit: rec@home


      • The Police Department lobby located at 9100 Brentwood Blvd. will be closed until May 31, 2020 or further notice.

      • Citation sign-offs and VIN verifications at the Police Department will not be  offered at this time.
      • Vehicle releases will be completed by an on duty police sergeant as time allows.
      • Fingerprinting services will not be offered during this period. 


      We will not stop investigating crimes or making arrests; however, we will be modifying our response to some situations. Cold property crimes and other non-urgent, non-life-threatening issues will be handled either on-line or by phone calls from officers. We are asking the citizens to help us in implementing some practical measures to contain the spread of this virus and ensure the health and safety of our community:

      • We encourage residents to use our online reporting system to report non-urgent crimes that are not in progress. The types of reports that may be reported on line are: Harassing phone calls, hit and runs, identity theft, informational reports, lost property, supplemental reports, thefts (property value under $950), thefts from vehicles, unauthorized use of credit card, Vacation Watch requests, vandalism, vandalism to vehicle, and custody order violations. The link to access the online reporting system is
      • All non-urgent crimes, or issues not mentioned above will be handled by officers via phone calls in lieu of an in-person police response. In cases where an in-person response is necessary (evidence collection, suspect contact, etc.), the Health Services recommended social distance guidelines will be adhered to.
      • During this period, only limited property will be released from the Evidence Division, and by appointed only.
      • All in-progress crimes and in-progress emergencies will be handled as usual.  We will continue to be aggressive on apprehending people who are in our city committing crimes.
      • We will be suspending citizen ride-alongs and police department tours/visitors until further notice.  No meetings involving the public will be held inside the Police Department building during this time.
      • Police Department Website