Council Meetings Online

In order to attend a Council Meeting Online, please click the link below.  Be sure to join the meeting a few minutes early in order to give yourself time to confirm that your system is working properly.

January 26, 2021 - City Council/Successor Agency Meeting:   Attendee Meeting Link (to external WebEx site) 

To participate via telephone: 

United States Toll Free


United States Toll


Access code: 146 639 1765

Public Comments Received via e-mail prior to the meeting:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Do I need to have a WebEx account in order to participate?

A: No, a WebEx account is not needed.


Q:  Do I need a password in order to join?

A:  The Attendee Link provided will automatically fill-out the password for Attendees.  Please be careful not to erase or overwrite the password when attempting to join.  If the password is erased or overwritten, you will need to refresh the page and/or click the link above in order to have the password automatically filled-out for you.  


Q:  Do I need a computer in order to participate? 

A:  A computing device (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Chrome) with an internet connection and working speakers are required in order to run join the meeting using the WebEx software.  Phone-only options are available upon request made the day before the meeting.  You may also submit public comments in accordance with instructions provided on the upcoming meeting's agenda.


Q:  Do I need a WebCam, speakers and microphone in order to participate?

A:  A webcam is not required.  Speakers and microphone are ideal and the WebEx app will automatically attempt to prepare them for use once you join the meeting.  Alternatively, you may use a phone to connect to the meeting in order to hear and speak (if desired).  Information about how to connect your WebEx session's audio through a telephone are available once you join the meeting.