District Elections

Final Citywide District Map

  • Map of District 1 - An Election will be held in 2020 to elect one Council Member from this District
  • Map of District 2 - An Election will be held in 2022 to elect one Council Member from this District
  • Map of District 3 - An Election will be held in 2020 to elect one Council Member from this District
  • Map of District 4 - An Election will be held in 2022 to elect one Council Member from this District

November 3, 2020 Notice of Nominees

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the following persons have been nominated for the offices herein mentioned to be filled at the Municipal Election to be held in the City of Brentwood on the 3rd day of November, 2020;

Name of Nominees in alpha random listed by SOS (E.C. 12110)

Joel Bryant
Paul La Follette
Edward Schuck
Brian Carleton
Steve Young
Ryan Raimondi
Karen Rarey

Council Member District 1:
Claudette Staton
Brian Swisher
Faye Maloney
Jovita Mendoza

Council Member District 3:
Indrani Golden,
Susannah Meyer
Olga Vidriales


What is the schedule for District Elections?

  • The City of Brentwood will conduct its first election by Districts on November 3, 2020, an election will be held to elect the Mayor for an at-large seat and a Council Member from Districts 1 and 3.  An Election will be held in 2022 to elect Council Members from Districts 2 and 4.     

What are district elections?

  • For Brentwood, the City is divided into four separate districts, and only the voters that live within each district get to elect a City Council Member from that district.
  • The Mayor continues to be elected at-large.

What criteria for creating election districts?

The criteria for creating districts include:

  • Districts must be contiguous
  • Districts should be nearly equal in population
  • Other criteria that may be used include respecting communities of interest and neighborhoods, and following natural and man-made geography and topography


How often are the District boundaries reviewed

  • The voting districts will be reviewed every ten years following the Census.
  •  The next Census will be conducted in 2020, so the voting districts will be reviewed after the Census counts are released, and revised as necessary. The district revisions are anticipated to occur sometime in 2021.

If there are no candidates from a particular district, what happens to that seat?

Similar to the vacancy that occurred in 2017 due to the resignation of a Council Member, the City Council would have options allowed under the Election Code, which would include appointment of a registered voter from that district or the holding of a special election to fill the seat. 

Are there minimum qualifications for running as a candidate and what are they? How would those minimum qualifications be different in a district election?

Currently, someone must be a registered voter and reside within the City limits to run for City Council.  With district elections, someone would need to be a registered voter residing within the district holding an election to run for office. 

Will there be a minimum vote requirement per district? Is it feasible that someone could be elected to a district seat with very minimal votes?

As is the current threshold, the person with the majority of votes cast in their favor would be the successful candidate. 

Additional Questions? Please Contact Us!

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Phone: (925) 516-5440
E-mail: districtelections@brentwoodca.gov