Planning CommissionMeetings Online

In order to attend a Planning Commission Meeting Online, please click the link below.  Be sure to join the meeting a few minutes early in order to give yourself time to confirm that your system is working properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Do I need to have a Zoom account in order to participate?

A: No, a Zoom account is not needed.


Q:  Do I need a password in order to join?

A:  No, a password is not needed to join.


Q:  Do I need a computer in order to participate? 

A:  A computer (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Chrome) or a smartphone with an internet connection and speakers are required in order to join the meeting using the Zoom software.  Audio-only phone options are available upon request made the day before the meeting.  You may also submit public comments in accordance with instructions provided on the upcoming meeting's agenda.


Q:  Do I need a WebCam, speakers and microphone in order to participate?

A:  A webcam is not required.  Speakers and microphone are ideal and the Zoom app will automatically attempt to prepare them for use once you join the meeting.  Alternatively, you may use a phone to connect to the meeting in order to hear and speak (if desired).  Information about how to connect your Zoom session's audio through a telephone are available once you join the meeting.