Downtown Brentwood is a popular destination for friends and families to dine, shop and enjoy cultural and traditional activities. Downtown Brentwood is a truly authentic, historic, culturally active neighborhood with over 75,000 SF of unique fine dining, eclectic boutiques and entertainment. This includes fine establishments like Cap’s Oak Street Bar & Grill, Co.Co. County Wine Company, Cinelux Delta Theater, MJ’s Downtown Café & Bakery, The Game Pizza, Sweeney's, Little Miss Everything,  Ribbons and Roses, Pho Vietnam, Red Door Dance Studio, J. Jill Bridal, Crown and Crow and Zephyr Grill – to name just a few!

To see a full list of the downtown retail, view the
2017 Downtown Brentwood Tourist Map.

The Downtown also features a year-round schedule of fun activities and events. These include Concerts and Movies in the Park, Hometown Halloween, one of the top-rated Farmers' Markets in California, the Winter Walk-About and Holiday Parade, Downtown Saturday events and the Liberty High School annual Homecoming Parade.

Additional Downtown event information is available by visiting: Brentwood Chamber of Commerce and the Downtown Business Coalition.

The City of Brentwood has invested $60 million in improvements to Downtown Brentwood.  City Hall and the Community Center combined with an improved City Park make a beautiful Civic Center. The widened sidewalks and year-round lit trees make coming to Downtown Brentwood a very pleasant experience.

Free Parking available Downtown


Programs for Property/Business Owners:

Currently, both the DTN Outdoor Dining Furniture Grant Program and the DTN Façade Improvement Grant Program are CLOSED.  More information will be available soon.

Downtown Outdoor Dining Furniture Grant Program
The Downtown Outdoor Dining Furniture Grant Program provides funding for tenants and/or property owners to provide high-end outdoor dining furniture to restaurants/eateries in the Downtown core.  For more information, please contact Peggy Berglund at 925-516-5187.

Downtown Outdoor Dining Furniture Grant Program Application
Downtown Outdoor Dining Furniture Grant Program Brochure (2 pages)

Downtown Facade Improvement Grant Program
The Downtown Facade Improvement Grant Program assists Downtown commercial businesses with facade improvements.  If you have any questions, please contact Peggy Berglund at 925-516-5187.

Downtown Facade Improvement Grant Program Application and Guidelines
Downtown Façade Improvement Grant Program Brochure (2 pages)