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 You can help Brentwood’s community and economy in a very important way by choosing to support local retailers – whenever you fill the gas tank, buy a gift for the holidays, or buy the week’s groceries. You certainly have options when it comes to making purchases, however, before hitting “buy” on your computer next time you are shopping, here are a few facts that might make you think to purchase local.

Local retailers are vital to Brentwood’s economy. Did you know: 

  • Sales tax from local businesses provides a valuable source of tax revenue for police, parks & recreation, and other City services? 
  • Local retailers provide jobs for the community? In particular, many teenagers get their first start in the working world, and learn important lessons associated with employment, thanks to local retailers? 
  • Local shops can increase property values in the surrounding neighborhood, provide meeting places that bring neighbors together, and help give the neighborhood a unique identity? 
  • Local shops support many community events and charitable organizations? 
  • Brentwood has more than 1.7 million square feet of local retail – the largest amount in the East Contra Costa region – so that you can find almost any category of product and service within Brentwood city limits?