Grants and Incentives Programs

The Economic Development Division manages the multiple grant and incentive initiatives focusing on economic development, marketing and promotion.  Contact the Economic Development Division at

Economic Development Grant Program:

The  City  of  Brentwood  sets  aside  20%  of  its  business  license  revenues  for  “economic  development with the explicit purpose of business promotion and institutional advertisement  for  the  City  of  Brentwood.”  As  part  of  this  effort, each  year  the  City  offers  reimbursement  grants  for  local marketing, events, and  business  development  projects  through the Economic  Development Grant Program.

Commercial Beautification and Facade Improvement Grant Program

The City Council encourages the revitalization and expansion of economic development opportunities for small businesses and property owners of commercial buildings and centers.  Grant funds may be used for construction related activities that improve the "street facing" exterior of the commercial buildings.   Grant applications are due October 8, 2021.

The City has received 17 applications for the current grant cycle that closed on October 8, 2021.  They interested property and business owners seeking assistance through the grant program include:

Downtown Specific Plan Area:

641 1st St.
134 Oak St.
320 Oak St.
3940 Walnut Blvd
8355 Brentwood Blvd, Ste B
144 Oak St. 
3901 Walnut Blvd
833 2nd St.

Citywide Program Area:

2455 Sand Creed Rd.
7860 Brentwood Blvd.
7880-B Brentwood Blvd.
7820-7870 Brentwood Blvd.
7876 Brentwood Blvd.
2425 Sand Creek Rd. #136
7710-60 Brentwood Blvd.
8065 Brentwood Blvd.
2375 Sand Creek Rd.




Outdoor Dining Furniture Grant Program:


Consistent with City Council adopted Policy No. 80-03, Economic Development Incentives, the City Manager/Economic Development Division is able to negotiate incentive packages with key economic development prospects.  Qualifying projects would include those that meet the following two (2) factors:

  • Create at least twenty-five (25) net new full time equivalent jobs, equal to or exceeding the median per capita income for a Brentwood resident.
  • Create at least five (5) net new full time equivalent jobs, equal to or exceeding the moderate income level for a single individual as determined by the California Housing and Community Development Department (HCD) or U.S. Department of Housing Urban Development Department (HUD).
  • Generate $100,000 annually in new revenue through the form of sales tax, TOT, or property taxes directly to the City of Brentwood.
  • Retain existing businesses that contribute $100,000 annually in revenue through the form of sales tax, TOT, or property taxes directly to the City of Brentwood.
  • Generate at least $50,000 in General Fund revenue through fees contained in the City Cost Allocation Plan, including building plan review and permit fees.
  • Leverages a net new private investment amount of at least $4M in Brentwood.
  • New occupancy of a building or leasable space that has been vacant for six (6) months or more.
  • New construction commercial or industrial building.
  • Repairs or rehabilitates a historically recognized or historically sensitive building, including revitalization of a building in Downtown Brentwood.