TheInnovation Center @ Brentwood

The City has contracted with ELS Architecture and Urban Design to develop a Master Plan for the area focused on business attraction and job growth. The Innovation Center @ Brentwood Master Plan will further refine previous efforts by the City and community to create an employment and mixed use center.  Reference documents are listed below:

Reference Documents:

1. Priority Area 1 Specific Plan, dated November 13, 2018

2. Priority Area 1 Specific Plan Final EIR, dated August 2018

3. Urban Land Institute (ULI) Technical Assistance Panel Report, 2020

4. City of Brentwood General Plan, adopted July 22, 2014

5. City of Brentwood Economic Development Strategy, dated March 2018

6. Bay Area Regional Transit, eBART Next Segment Study, dated 2014

7. Parks, Trails & Recreation Master Plan Update, dated February 26, 2019