Long Range Planning

Brentwood Boulevard Specific Plan

The Brentwood Boulevard Specific Plan provides long-term policy guidance for the revitalization and improvement of a significant portion of Brentwood Boulevard, and recognizes the opportunities for change as the corridor transitions from a rural State route to a local mixed-use arterial roadway. Historically, Brentwood Boulevard has served as the primary north-south route through Brentwood for residents, workers, and visitors. The corridor includes a major gateway into Brentwood along the shared boundary with the City of Oakley at Delta Road on the north, and a connection to the historic Downtown at Second Street on the south. The plan area covers approximately 310 acres and includes properties on the east and west sides of Brentwood Boulevard from Delta Road on the north to Second Street on the south. Information about the Specific Plan update process and upcoming meetings can be found at the following link: https://www.brentwoodplanupdates.com.


Downtown Specific Plan

The Downtown Specific Plan provides for the coordination of public and private investment in order to fulfill identified objectives for the Downtown area. The plan area consists of approximately 205 acres within the city’s historic center. The intent of the plan is to guide growth and change in the Downtown to ensure it evolves to embody the community’s vision for a vibrant, active, and beautiful city district that continues to play an essential role in the daily lives of the city’s residents. Information about the Specific Plan update process and upcoming meetings can be found at the following link: https://www.brentwoodplanupdates.com

General Plan

State law requires the City to adopt and maintain a comprehensive, long-term General Plan for the physical development of its planning area. The plan must include, at a minimum, elements (i.e., chapters) addressing the following topics: circulation, conservation, housing, land use, noise, open space, and safety. Additional elements that relate to the physical development of the city may also be addressed in the plan. The General Plan identifies the community’s vision for the future and provides a framework that guides decisions on growth, development, and conservation of open space and resources in a manner that is consistent with the quality of life desired by the city’s residents and businesses. A comprehensive update to the General Plan was adopted in July 2014.

Housing Element Update

The Housing Element is one of the seven mandated elements of the General Plan. State law requires cities and counties to adequately plan to meet the existing and projected housing needs of all economic segments of the community, including an analysis of local housing needs, and to provide a realistic set of programs to meet those needs. The City’s Housing Element establishes these housing policies for Brentwood. It also sets forth an action plan to ensure a balanced mix of housing to meet the needs of all Brentwood residents. State law also requires the Housing Element to be periodically updated, which most recently occurred in May 2015.

Housing Element (Adopted by City Council on 4/28/15)

Marsh Creek State Park General Plan

The Marsh Creek State Park General Plan and Program Environmental Impact Report provides conceptual parameters and guidelines for the long-term management, development, operations, and future public use and enjoyment of the Park; along with providing discussion of the probable impacts of future development, establishing goals, policies and objectives, and addressing all the requirements of an EIR. Marsh Creek State Park (Park) is located in eastern Contra Costa County, southwest of the incorporated City of Brentwood on the eastern edge of the San Francisco Bay Area region and the western edge of the Central Valley. The Park is comprised of over 3,600 acres of hills and valleys ranging from approximately 110 feet to 500 feet in elevation. The property is accessed from Marsh Creek Road near its intersection with Camino Diablo Road. The eastern boundary of the Park fronts on Walnut Boulevard, while Briones Valley Road passes through the property on the west.

PA-1 Specific Plan

The Specific Plan, which establishes the vision and criteria for growth, identifies the types of allowed uses, and plans for infrastructure improvements to support future development, was approved by the City Council in November 2018. 

Zoning Ordinance Update

The City of Brentwood is embarking on a comprehensive update of our Zoning Code in order to create a clear and concise set of regulations that implements the General Plan and is consistent with State Law. The new code will effectively convey Brentwood's expectations of development. The Zoning update process will be open and transparent. The documents will be available for public review and virtual town halls and Public Hearings will be held to assure public input. The detailed information regarding the update process can be found at the following the link: https://www.brentwoodzoningupdate.com/