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 DR 19-010 Amber Lane Apartments South of Amber Lane, east of Shady Willow Lane and
north of Grant Street
 TSM 19-9519 Madrid Property 3405 O'Hara Ave  08/20/2019
TSM 9435 / RZ 19-001 Inez Estates  7281 Lone Tree Way  07/03/2019
 GPA 17-001 / RZ 17-004 / DR 17-007 / DR 17-008 Bridle Gate West of the intersection of State Route 4 and Sand Creek Road  06/12/2019
 GPA 19-002 / RZ 19-004 / DR 19-007 Anden Apartment Homes  2315 Sand Creek Road  06/12/2019
 A18-001 / RZ 18-004 Dwelley / Mori Annexation  Delta Road  11/27/2018
 DR 18-010 / CUP 18-006 Rotten Robbie gas station/convenience store/carwash   6860 Lone Tree Way  08/01/2018
GPA 17-001/RZ 17-004/TSM 8506/DR 17-007/DR 17-008

Bridle Gate

Bridle Gate
West of the intersection of SR4 and Sand Creek Rd.  7/17/2017