Neighborhood Improvement Committee

This is an ad-hoc committee responsible for researching and evaluating programs to improve Brentwood’s neighborhoods. “Improvement” is broadly defined to include public safety, property improvements, such as property maintenance, code enforcement, and street trees; as well as behavior which may affect other residents.

The work of the ad-hoc committee is to make recommendations to the full Council and to receive direction from the Council. The work of this ad-hoc committee may involve significant commitment of City resources, including staff, legal work and budget.

The ad-hoc committee works with staff as needed to prepare a prioritized work plan to present to the City Council. This committee’s work effort involves staff from several departments. The coordinator of staff support for this committee is  Pamela Ehler.

This committee meets as needed.

Committee Members

  • Vice Mayor Joel Bryant
  • Councilmember Vacant