Transportation Services - Senior Transportation in Brentwood is an online provider to locate and schedule transportation. You can find a driver that fits your needs, for an average of $15.75/hr. Click HERE.

Daily Caring

Seniors need affordable transportation options 
Affordable senior transportation is essential for maintaining independence and health.  Without a reliable way to get to doctor’s appointments or buy food and household supplies, seniors can’t realistically remain in their homes as they age.   Social isolation is another big problem for seniors who don’t drive. It causes poorer quality of life and contributes to earlier death.  Having access to affordable transportation keeps older adults connected with family, friends, and their community. 
To keep seniors healthy and active, we’ve rounded up 6 local transportation options that help seniors get around. View the list HERE .

Mobility Matters - (925) 284-6161

To become a Rides for Seniors client, you must meet all the following qualifications: 
Age 60 or older 
Live in Contra Costa County 
Able to walk with the aid of a cane, walker, knee scooter, crutches, or elbow assistance 
Require escorted, door-through-door assistance 
Able to call in to request rides 
Unable to use other forms of transportation for medical care and basic necessities, like grocery shopping.
Apply for your rides HERE.

Tri-Delta Transit

For local ride around Brentwood, Oakley and Antioch, you may visit Tri-Delta Transit.

COVID-19 Vaccination Transportation

Requests need to be made 7-10 days before the required ride. Sometimes they are able to arrange a shorter turn around time. To qualify for this free service, the individual needs to be a MediCal member of any age assigned to CCHP. It is a curb-to-curb service with drop off and pick up. To arrange a pickup after the 15 observation period post COVID shot, the individual needs to call the dispatch number. If the individual needs wheelchair or gurney transport, s(he) needs a referral from his/her physician for authorization through the “medical transport” unit.

Both the medical and nonmedical transportation unit’s hours are from 8am-5pm.
For nonmedical transport: 1(855) 222-7218
For medical transport: 1(877) 800-7423