Upcoming Public Art Projects

Public Art Wall - Call for Artist

The City of Brentwood provides opportunities for local artists to show their work to the public through the Public Art Walls located at the Brentwood Community Center and Brentwood Library.
There is no fee to exhibit artwork. Applicants must reside in Contra Costa County. Applications are due by 5pm on October 17, 2021.

Public Art Wall Application

Utility Boxes - Call for Artist

The City of Brentwood and the Arts Commission invite artists to participate in the City’s Utility Box Mural Project. Applications are due by 5pm on November 8, 2021.

This Project includes a total of ten (10) utility boxes located throughout Brentwood. Artists may submit artwork for one or more boxes. Each box design requires a separate application.

In 2021, the Arts Commission is focusing on cultivating public art projects that foster authentic representation of diversity, social and cultural justice. Adhering to ethical standards and practices, the Commission strives to enrich the cultural landscape of our beautiful city.

Utility Box Application

Fields of Time

Designed and installed by Douwe Blumberg
To be installed on Brentwood Blvd in Spring/early Summer 2021

Radiant Convergence

Designed and installed by Seth Emerson Palmiter
To be installed on Sand Creek Blvd in Spring/early Summer 2021

Funding for these projects comes from the Public Art Acquisition Fund. The Public Art Acquisition Fund consists of development fees collected for the acquisition and construction of Public Art and can only be used for public art projects.