Concerts In The Park

The City of Brentwood appreciates your interest in performing in the "Starry Nights in Brentwood" Summer Concert Series.  Since 2000, the concert series has connected families and friends and provided a free, fun-filled event that has become a Friday night summer tradition.  Since its inception, over 100,000 community members have danced, picnicked and played while experiencing a variety of performing arts entertainment in beautiful downtown City Park.  On average, our outdoor concerts regularly see 2,000-3,000 people on any concert night.

2021 Starry Night in Brentwood Summer Concert Series has been CANCELLED

**The City of Brentwood is following County Health Guidelines and will make any necessary adjustments accordingly.**

Selections for the concert series entertainers will be made by the City's concert committee in February.  The concert committee is made up of community representatives and varies every year to keep our selection current with our community trends.

City will provide the following to all bands performing:
-Stage 28' x 20' x 3' with a 8' x 8' drum riser.
-Concert lighting with haze, (food grade mineral oil) that does not exceed CALOSHA standards.
-Console is a full size Behringer X32 that does both the front of house mix and that monitor mixes. (Bands with a guest engineer may load their own show on it.)
-Bands will be provided with 8 monitor wedges, all necessary microphones, direct boxes, and mic cables.
-Green room enclosed 10' x 10' canopy adjacent to stage will be provided for band member use.
-Beverages will be provided; non-alcoholic. No meals will be provided.
-Reserved Band parking in our public parking lot. 
Please feel free to email questions regarding our concert series to .  Thank you for your interest!