Do You?

Smartphone fitness hits Brentwood parks and trails, giving users more “oomph” to their fitness routines. How about working your core, lower body, upper body and improving your flexibility when you visit a trail or local park?

The City of Brentwood Parks and Recreation Department kicks off QR Fit Trails at three locations: Creekside Park, Oak Meadow Park and Miwok Trail. QR stands for Quick Response and if you’re not familiar with them, they are typically the black and white square codes you see popping up everywhere. Smartphones can read these codes and furnish the user with a variety of information or videos. With QR Fit Trails, smartphone owners can scan the code at each of five signs placed in a park or along a trail and gain access to a series of short exercise videos. The QR Fit videos are free guided exercises from a certified fitness instructor. Videos are updated monthly to keep users' interest and challenge your skills. People of all fitness levels can take part and your smartphone is the only fitness equipment you need.

Brentwood is the first city in northern California to boast this innovative park/trail system. It is a part of our commitment for a healthier community as a Playful City and “Let’s Move!” member. “Let’s Move” is an initiative by First Lady Michelle Obama to aid in solving the problem of obeity and to encourage everyone to keep moving to stay healthy.