Dog Parks

King Park
King Park, located at 1379 Bauer Way, features two great dog play areas.  There are actually two dog play areas -- one for smaller dogs and one for larger dogs.  Patrons are responsible for determining which play area is appropriate for their pets.  Both dog play areas feature play apparatus made specifically for furry friends.  There are benches for people to relax and enjoy while watching their pets frolic in these fenced in play areas.  Human and canine water fountains are also available.  Please enjoy this facility and remember to clean up after your pets.  "Mutt Mitts" are available to assist in keeping this facility free of pet waste.

King Park Large Dog Area

King Park Small Dog Area

Dakota Park
Dakota Park, located at 480 Ridgewood Court, is a 4.7-acre park features a 0.5 mile walking trail that connects the trail system from Sunset Road south to Mallard Park and beyond.  There are two featured dog park areas, one intended for small dogs and one for larger dogs.  Benches are located under shade structures for pet parents to enjoy watching their dogs play.  Outside of the dog park area is a turf area with several picnic tables and barbecues.

Dakota Park Large Dog Area

Dakota Park Small Dog Area