Field Operations


The Field Operations Division is one of the Brentwood Police Department’s two Divisions. The Field Operations Division is responsible for front line law enforcement services in the City of Brentwood. The Field Operations Division command staff consist of a Captain who oversees the Field Operations Division, two Field Lieutenants who are the day and evening  Watch Commanders, six Field teams that are responsible for calls for service, the Traffic  Safety Unit, the School Resource Officers assigned to the schools, two K-9 Units, the Field  Training Officer Program, Community Service Officers deployed in the field as support staff and S.W.A.T.

Personnel assigned to the Field Operations Division are tasked with carrying out the Brentwood Police Department’s mission of protecting and enhancing the quality of life in our community through uncompromised dedication, professionalism, integrity and innovative police services.

In this effort, and in alignment with the Brentwood Police Department’s Strategic Plan, the Field Operations Division is working to keep the City of Brentwood and the people in our community safe from harm, and to maintain their quality of life. The Field Operation Division’s priorities are to reduce crime, improve traffic safety, and build community partnerships. The Field Operations Division is a highly responsive Field force that is visible in the community and conducts aggressive, proactive law enforcement activity in our community.

Captain Doug Silva