Support Services

The Support Services Division is one of two divisions within the Police Department, the other being the  Field Operations. The Support Services Division is commanded by a Captain and has two Bureaus, Administration and Investigations, each directed by a Lieutenant.

The Administration Bureau responsibility includes records, emergency services, recruiting and hiring, training, special projects, special event coordination, financial accounting, and crime prevention services. The Investigations Bureau includes major crimes and special operations investigation units, city planning liaison, the property unit, and the Chaplain’s program.

The Support Services Division provides support and assistance to the Patrol Bureau in order to ensure that our officers in the field can provide the highest quality service to our residents. Our detectives provide expertise to patrol and follow-up on major cases such as domestic violence, homicides, robberies, and other crimes of violence. Detectives also initiate their own investigations especially in the areas of narcotics, vice, child abuse, and sex crimes. Our records personnel staff the front counter and provide document processing for the entire department. Records staff are usually the people who answer the phone when a citizen calls into the police department. Our property unit maintains found property, property held for safekeeping and as evidence. The training sergeant is responsible for recruiting and facilitating the hiring of all department personnel providing the best people for the Brentwood Police Department.

The members of the Support Services Division are dedicated to providing the highest level of professionalism, integrity and excellence for our citizens.

Captain Tim Herbert