Police Logs

Welcome to the Brentwood Police Department Public Log. Listed below you will find logs with the dates attached that represent case reports written by Brentwood Police personnel. Not all cases are listed due to statutory restrictions or sensitive confidential investigations. Additionally, only incidents that require written reports are included in the Public Log. The Public Log is intended to provide you with information about what is happening in your neighborhood, on your streets, and in your city. We have provided a list of abbreviations and their translations in order to help you understand the Log. 
To access the log, please click HERE.
If you have any questions about the log, please contact the Brentwood Police Records Bureau at (925) 634-6911.

ARR: Arrested Person STORED: Towed Vehicle Stored
CITE: Cited Person SVS: Stolen Vehicle System
INV: Involved Person MDF: County Jail
OWN: Owner V-1: Vehicle #1, etc...
RES: Responsible Person D-1: Driver #1, etc...
RP: Reporting Person CCCRMC: County Hospital
SUS: Suspect Person EPO: Emergency Protective Order
VIC: Victim TRO: Temporary Restraining Order
WIT: Witness MUPS: Missing Persons System