About Public Works

Engineering and Operations are the two main divisions of the Public Works Department.  Each division oversees the sections shown below.  View the organizational chart for the Public Works Department.


Capital Improvement Program (CIP)
  • Bids / RFPs (CIP)
  • CIP Project Budgeting
  • CIP Project Status Report   
  • Construction Inspection (CIP)
  • Infrastructure Master Plans
  • Project Management & Administration (CIP)
  • Project Design & Estimates
Development Traffic & Transportation



Fleet / Facilities Maintenance
  • Computerized Fleet Management Program
  • Fuel Resources Management
  • Streetlight Maintenance and Repair
  • Vehicle & Equipment Acquisition and Disposal
  • Vehicle, Equipment & Facilities Maintenance and Repair 
Garbage (Solid Waste) Street Maintenance Sewer (Wastewater) Water