The Development Section ensures that private development projects comply with legal requirements and meet the City's high standards of quality, safety and functionality.  This is accomplished through the review of subdivision or parcel maps, grading, improvement and other construction plans for conformance with the conditions of approval, Subdivision Map Act, geotechnical studies, and all applicable codes and City Standards for new development projects.  Typically, plans are submitted to the Development Section for review and permit issuance upon approval by the Planning Commission.

The Development Section is also responsible for the review and issuance of permits for any work to be performed within public streets such as driveways and water and sewer connections.

The Development Section also oversees Geographic Information Systems ("GIS") and some functions related to the City's National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System ("NPDES") Permit.

Visit the online Permit Center for information about permits and permit-related forms, applications, fees and reference information.