biostackComposting and Vermicomposting (Worms)

In California, legislation (AB 939) requires that we reduce solid waste 50% by the year 2000.  The biggest portion of waste being disposed of in our precious landfill space is yard material such as grass clippings, tree leaves and plant trimmings.  In East County, 25% of the residential waste stream is yard waste.  One of the easiest ways to reduce yard waste and save money is composting.

Composting Process

Composting is a naturally occurring process that breaks down organic material (yard materials and vegetable wastes) into a soil-like material.  Finished compost is an excellent soil enhancer and mulch that improves soil structure as well as adds some nutrients.  All organic materials will break down eventually if given the proper environmental conditions.  Mixing compost into soil improves the soil's texture, and increases its ability to hold air and water.  By reducing evaporation, composting allows your landscaping to use less water.

Compost Workshops

See the Conta Costa County class schedule for details on where to learn more about composting.