Water Softener Financial Incentive Program

Water Softener Financial Incentive Program Ending June 30, 2018
The City's Water Softener Financial Incentive Program will be ending June 30, 2018. After June 30th, the City will no longer be accepting:

  • Chloride Brine-Discharging Water Softener Removal/Replacement Incentive applications. Residents with approved applications will be required to complete the removal/replacement process within the timeframe specified in their Notice to Proceed letter.
  • First Time Purchaser Incentive applications. Applications must be received by June 30, 2018, and include a purchase receipt which verifies unit has been purchased and installed by June 30, 2018.

Apply Now:  Application

The application is available as a fillable PDF.  Please fill out, print and mail your application. (Only originals can be processed; no faxed or email applications will be accepted.)

​In order to help reduce the City’s chloride levels in the wastewater, the City is offering a financial incentive to residents willing to remove their salt-based (sodium chloride or potassium chloride), self-regenerating water softeners or to first-time purchasers of non-salt-based devices.   (Printable Program Brochure)


How much will I receive?

Applicants are only eligible for one incentive or the other; but not both. See below for the incentive options:

$700 Removal Incentive

Sodium and potassium salt-based water softeners are eligible for this incentive, which is paid out per unit to the applicant, and the City will directly reimburse prequalified plumbers for the removal of the unit(s).  It is not required to replace a water softener that is removed.  

$300 First-Time Purchaser Incentive

There is a $300 incentive available for the first-time purchase of a non-salt-based device (where no previous unit has been in-place).

Before you Begin

Prior to removing your salt-based unit, you must submit an application and receive a Notice to Proceed from the City in order to qualify for the incentive.  Only plumbers from the City’s prequalified plumbers list are approved to participate in this Program. 

The Process

  • Customer completes application and submits to City. 
  • Application is reviewed and approved by City staff.
  • Approved application is returned to customer along with the list of prequalified plumbers.
  • Customer contacts prequalified plumber from provided list.
  • Plumber verifies in-service unit(s) and removes.
  • Plumber completes Section 3 of application and delivers application to City's Corporation Yard along with removed unit(s).
  • Upon receipt and verification by City staff, application is processed for payment to customer.
  • Customers eligible for the $300 first-time purchase incentive complete the same application and submit it with copy of their receipt.  Staff reviews, verifies, approves and processes it for payment. 

  • Apply Now:  Application