Recycled Water Fill Station

The City has opened a Recycled Water Fill Station at the Wastewater Treatment Plant, 2251 Elkins Way for City of Brentwood utility customers (“customers”).  Recycled water is wastewater that has received extensive treatment in order to be used for many non-potable water uses such as landscape irrigation.  The use of recycled water for this purpose is a way for customers to help meet State mandated regulations to reduce potable water use.

Hours of Operation

In accordance with Contra Costa Health Services requirements to minimize the spread of COVID-19, please be aware compliance with the Order's social distancing and face covering requirements will be monitored at the facility.

Beginning December 1, 2020, the operating hours for the City's Recycled Water Fill Station, located at 2251 Elkins Way, will change as shown below:

CLOSED: December, January and February

Beginning March 1, 2021, the City's Recycled Water Fill Station will reopen with operating hours as shown below:

Open: 3 days/week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Closed:  All City-Observed Holidays 

Day of and day after rainfall (as mandated by the State Water Resources Control Board as a requirement of the City's Water Reclamation Permit). 

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Customers may bring containers (up to 300 gallons) to fill with recycled water and take for appropriate use.  To utilize this recycled water, customers will need to show their current utility bill, complete a short Application and receive a brief, one-time training on the regulated uses of recycled water.
Residential Recycled Water Use Application and Agreement
Training Program
Recycled Water Fill Station Training Program

Recycled Water Fill Station Video:
Procedures for Residential Customers to Obtain Recycled Water
  1. During initial pickup of recycled water, an Application must be completed and a current utility bill presented to show proof of residency.  Staff will provide a brief, one-time training and perform a tank inspection with the residential customer.
  2. Customers will be given an “Approved User” Card and Recycled Water Notice stickers (provided by the City) to place on their containers used for transporting and storing recycled water.
  3. After initial pickup and training, customers will be able to pick up recycled water at the fill station during operating hours by showing their personal ID along with the City issued “Approved User” ID Card.
Container Guidelines
  • 300 gallons maximum of recycled water may be picked up per visit; Visits are unlimited. 
  • Consider maximum load capacity of vehicles (Vehicle Payload List).
    • Water weighs 8.34 pounds per gallon
    • 100 gallons = 834 pounds
    • Failure to comply with maximum load ratings set by the manufacturer will be the sole responsibility of the user.
  • Container(s) must have water-tight lids and shall not leak.
  • Secure container(s) for safe transport.
  • Container(s) shall not be used to carry potable water unless thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.